Saturday, January 25, 2014

Syafiqah's Favorites for 2013


Hello Sweeties,
I want to share my 2013 Favorited..!!!! Lambat~~ hehehee..I don't care..nak share jugakk..Sorry for the late share because I've been a little bit busy on the end of December and early January because of my Final Examination..Alhamdulillah, It is over now but I am quite sad because One paper I did't manage to answer well..sedihhh...
But, nevermind..forget about my study life and let back to the main point here...

It's been awhile since 2013 left us with memorable either it is good or bad..
Since  I major in love with Fashion and Beauty so I going to share what is my favourites for 2013 :)
All items here are mine, It is either I buy or I get as a gift..most item are really easy and affordable to get..I stated the name of each items and if you are interested do check them out..If they are still available lahh..hehee

STOP mumbling  pika..!!

Let's check it out...

My 2013 Fashion favorite

Sunglasses | Bonita
Gold Watch | Casio
Gold Pendent Bracelet Black/Brown | Vincci Accessories
Studded Bracelet | Diva
Studded Bangle | Forever 21
Yellow chained Bracelet | Forever 21
Bracelet | Vincci Accessories
Colorful Statement Necklace | Pumpkin
Black&White STatement Necklace | Diva
White Statement Necklace | Diva
Green Floral Statement Nacklace | Pikalurve my own collection
Lips Ring | H&M
Statement Blue ring | Lovisa

Star Crinkle shawl | Bonita
Floral Shawl | H&M
Crinkle shawl nude | Bonita
Crinkle shawl green & Maroon | The Hijabs Queen onlineshop)
Cat printed shawl | H&M
Small brooch | Random

Studded Handbag | Vietnam give from my mom)
Shopper Bag | H&M
Bowling Bag | Dorothy Perkins
Studded Clutch | Topshop
Bag | F21

Transparent Wedges | YMS
Starppy Wedges | EZRA Zalora
Black Platform | Forever 21
Scalop Flat | Vincci Accessories
Gold chain gladiator | YMS
Studed Sandle | Forever 21

My 2013 Beauty Favorite

MUA Eyeshadow palette (Heaven and Earth) [ REVIEW ]
Koshize Lipstick  (code 08)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Raisin Rage & Ravish me Red) [ REVIEW ]
Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick (It Girl) [ REVIEW ]
MUA Power Pout (Runaway)
Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara [ REVIEW ]
L'oreal Lash Architecture 4D Mascara [ REVIEW ]
Eyelash Curler
Essence Bronzing (shade 2)
Everyday Mineral Brushes [ REVIEW ]
Ecotools Brush [ REVIEW ]
Sophie Paris Eyebrow Pencil (Secreatly Brown) [ REVIEW ]
Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner (black) [ REVIEW ]
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25Hours Foundation (soft beige ) [ REVIEW ]
Maybelline Color Tattoo (Fierce and Tangy) [ REVIEW ]
Britney Spear Fantasy Twists Perfume

Obviously, I love all my Item that I bought if I don't love it I won't buy it right..
I wish I will get more for year 2014 ! I hope everything will be blessed for this year..
I wish you all the best in your journey and may your resolution are achieve sooner or later!

I guess till here, If there is any question, inqueries and others please leave a comment below..
and If you done your 2013's Favorite as well, please leave a link below so I can read yours too!

Have a Nice Day!!!

By the way, this Syafiqah's Favourites for 2013, I was collaborate with Sis Iqa Yana for this special entry..
do check out Iqa's 2013 Favorites HERE !!

this cute banner credit to Iqa :)

wink wink

Disclaimer: This entry was inspired by Sabby Prue and Sabrina Tajudin..Since they have the same name..hehhee..same goes to me and Sis Iqa Yana..hehehee...Thanks Kak Sabby and Sab for this check out their 2013's Favorite as well..they have awesome stuff to share with..

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. wahhh...accessories die bnyk gle!! fashionista alert! so happy dpt collaborate dgn Syafiqah yang vogue nih..best2^_^

    1. pika memang suka accessories :)
      takde la fashionista sangat pun..hehehee
      Seronok jugak dapat collaborate dengan sis iqa..

  2. Untunglah jumpa beauty blogger nama Syafiqah!
    heheheh :)

    1. tu lahh..boleh terjumpa pulak dengan Sis Iqa kan..hehhee

  3. omg drooling tgk accessories awaakk! serious leh x nk hire awk jadi stylista saya? nk sgt pakai accessories, tp xberani especially rantai! hehe...

    1. hehee..stylista awk?? sure2..anytime..
      tapi kan pika ni tak de la pro pun but I can help in a few things...
      contact keyhh.muwahhh!

  4. awww great selection sayang! love your fashion picks, awesome! xoxo

    1. Thank you kak sabby!!
      I love fashio, YES! I do..cewahhhhh~~

  5. your accessories, handbags and shoes made me cry silently, hahahaha! kita tak pakai accessories sangat, jenis cepat rimas so xde beli pun. suka tengok pika pakai semua effortlessly cantik ^_^

    1. Cry Silently tu! huhuhuu...
      no really lahh..pika memang suka fashion..huhuuu..

  6. Suka tgk awal pakai crinckleshawl tuu. Sy pakai ntah hape2. (@_#)

    1. Thank you dear..
      pika memang suka pakai crinkle shawl..
      senang tak payah Iron..kekeke :)

  7. Cantik nye smua menda fashion awak! especially handbag dorothy perkin and shopper bag HNM tu! lawa sgt! shawl kitten pun comey! and and and I love your statement necklaces! tgh cari ala2 macam tu la! <3

  8. Comel la Britney Spears Fantasy Twists Perfume tu! Saya suka tengok koleksi perfume orang. Hihi. (^-^)"

  9. nice accessories u hv!!n nice collaboration with Iqa too!! semua nampak sangat cantik!!