Thursday, January 23, 2014

Product Review: Etude House Color My Brows (#3)


Hello Sweeties,
When its come with brows I'm NO-Pro with it..Still amateur with brows and I always messed with my own brows but by the times pass I learn step by step how to get a perfect shape for brows and I'm getting better but still I ain't NO-Pro ..hehehee..I usually draw my brows using eyebrow pencil and I wanted to try out the brow gels and I go to Etude House and I found Color My Brows..I choose the Red Brown shade where I find the color most suitable with me.I guess..hhihihiii..So let see~~

This is how the packaging look like..Etude House is a product from Korea..

it is come in a small plastic mascara tube like..small in size..

Product Details:
Product Name: Etude House Color My Brows
Nett: 4.5g
Code: #3
Color/Shade: Red Brown
Made in: Korea

I really like the wand..the shape of the wand make it easy to apply the brow mascara from the inner part to the corner where the shape of the tip is sightly smaller like "tear drop" ..Slim mascara type brush but evenly touch with the brows..

here the tips for you before you choose the correct color..
when I saw this, I just notice that according to my hair color which is black to dark brown I should go with the #1 Rich brown ..woohooo.. I din't notice it at the first place but its okay since the #3 Red Brown also suitable with my eyebrows..hehehe..but If you wanted to try this brow mascara please try it first and choose the suitable color according to your hair color..and If you like me you can choose in between this 2 code maybe which is Rich brown and Red brown..

My Reviews:
1)  goes on smoothly
2) stay for hours and and hold shape of your eyebrows for long time
3) dries quickly..It is in a creamy gel form..
4) can be used with and without applying brow powder or brow pencil
5) has tiny shimmer like glitter small particles
6) soft-hold gel type to arrange messy eyebrows
7) the color is really consistent and can choose from different color according to your natural hair color..
8) this mascara are used to your brow hair not smudge it on the skin area..avoid it as possible to give more natural look..
9) does not have bad smell ..


Where to Buy:-
Etude House

In the nut shell, what I like about this brow mascara was it does make my brow hairs look natural despite the  little amount of sparkle in it and hold my brow hair for a long time period so that my brow does not look so messy and arranged properly..For your information, I don't pluck/twist my brows since in Islam we are not allowed to to that..So, I just simply draw my eyebrows using eyebrow pencil I have with slightly touch and I apply the brow mascara along with the brow hair.. I draw it according to my real eyebrows shape. I don't know what is wrong with me but I normally start drawing my eyebrow from upper part to lower..hahaa..funny right..

what do you think?

p/s: I bought this product at Etude House Sunway Pyramid and I just want to say that their promoter not really nice and not giving a good opinion for their customer and they only care to sell the product and this is the first time I go to Etude House where the promoter as me "Tak payah plastic bag takpe kan, just put in on your handbag can aa miss?" normally customer should say "it is okay, I just put on my handbag" you are not the one who should offer it! STUPID laaa..sakit pulak hati time not that I want their plastic bag so badly..tak heran pownn! Etude house je kottt..fuhh~ It is just the bad attitude they have..a seller should not act like that..dah la cakap tak sopan! sakit je hati betul..I hope their manager or HR read my review so their staff can change their attitude..Aigooo..sad laa..good product, stupid promoter~~
- this is just my opinion as a customer -

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. review dah best, gambar dah lawa, sekali baca ayat Pika kat promoter punya cerita bikin kita gelak XD kalau hari isnin boleh terima la tak bagi plastik. ni kalau saje2 taknak kasi memang "dah kenapa promoter ni" mentang2 la bende saiz kecik

    1. kita kena jujur sikit..kadang2 dorang ni bila tak ditegur tak sedar diri sangat..hehehee..
      btw, Thanks a lot Mieza :)

  2. hahaha. comey la pika ni! wiida pun ada warna ni! lain kali nk try light brown la! hehehe

  3. Boleh cuba ni... Tak reti nak lukis kening >_<

  4. Takde colour hitam ye?
    Because for me brown for eye brow is a lil bit contrast. heheeh :)

    For the promoter case, maybe the attitude tak betul lah, i mean the way she spokes. tapi fikir positive, good job Pika... you conserved our earth from plastic bag! :)

  5. I don't use eyebrow mascara, but thank you for your review - definitely helps out sorting around eyebrow mascaras for future use! xD <3

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  6. Hai kak ! suka review awak yg ni,kalau sudi visit la blog kita,