Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Product Review: Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox


Hello Sweeties,
Recently, I got a packages came way long from Singapore..Surprise me !! I got this Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox from Strawberrynet.com ...please visit their website..you will get crazy!! they selling almost everything beauty product that exist in this world..cewahhhh, ayat~~

hehehee, but seriously, they sell a lot of product from Skin care, Cosmetics, Fragrance and others..come with varities of brands, you name it!! Most of the product they sell are high-end product..haa, for those who hardly to get high-end product what are you waiting for..go check out Strawberrynet.com NOW!

Here the Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox that I mention..
this is how the packaging looks like~~

I give 5 star for their packaging..I love it, Super suitable for travelling kit! the packaging come with different "stages" or "compartment" and this can be easily rotate about 360°  ..you can easily turn it..and this kit contain 5 different product in it..come with 3 "stages"

 Product Details:-
Product Name: Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh 
Code: Shinebox
Consists of: 1 enhancer powder, 2 cream shimmer and 2 highlighter eyeliner
Made in: France

I will explain one by one for each product in it..

enhancer powder

 Cream Shimmers

 highlighter eyeliner 
- Nude shimmer
- Secret Shimmer

The swatches for each product
Enhance powder:- 
come with skin undertone and slight shimmer and shine..
I find this really suitable to apply on you check bone..show a glowing effect somehow!

Cream Shimmers:- 
come with 2 different shade, #1 is more to yellow undertone and #2 was pink undertone 
This cream can be used as eyeshadow or even as a highlight purpose..

Highlighter eyeliner: - 
come with 2 different tone as well, #1 was secret shimmer and #2 was nude shimmer..
as for #1 I apply it on eyebrow bone and #2 suitable to apply at the inner corner of your eyelid

My Review:-
1) I personally think that this is a great Highlight and Shimmer Collection
2) complete kit for the simple yet shine look..
3) help in highlight your check bone and eyebrow bone as well
4) complete set for highlight and shine
5) the packaging was amazing..I love play and rotate it! hahahhaa..
6) the packaging really impressed me and can easily bring along during travelling
7) this shimmers not to much or not to less..still in the middle range of shine..SUPERB!

Original Price: RM129.50
Discounted Price: RM106.50

Where to Buy:-

This is how the product on me..give me a very natural look and great effect :)
plus wearing my Revlon Raisin Rage Lipstick to add the dramatic look...
So, how does my "fierce look" look? kekekekee..

With this shinebox Now every angle is perfect angle..On day or night let's be shine :)
This kit totally suitable for your own personal use or you can get it as a gift for your family and friends !!

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. Nice review Syafiqah
    And yes, that product is truly fit for a travelling kit

    Do come and visit me too
    Singgah entry saya gak ye. TQ

  2. Nice review Syafiqah
    And yes, that product is truly fit for a travelling kit

    Do come and visit me too
    Singgah entry saya gak ye. TQ

  3. Wah ! Nude colors yang menjadi kegilaan wanita asia. Dah la warna dia sesuai untuk semua warna kulit. Nak dapatkan satu la ! :)