Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Product Review: Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster


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Today I want to share about The Power of Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster..I am able to try this product during the Luau Party with Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project last month..I really happy with this product ..and I have try it myself..Now I want to explain how does this product works and the function are..

Let me start with some introduction first..A good digestion and absorption is essential and critical to help us stay young and healthy! Food need to be properly broken down, so that body can absorb and utilise the nutrients effectively.. Semi-digested food can produce toxins that cause auto-intoxication; which will impact the quality of our health, vitality and beauty..

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster is the first and only symbiotic-organic blend that enhances our body to absorb nutrients by more than 2 times.. Power-packed with an exclusive blend of high-performance probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins, it empowers us to obtain the nutrients and benefits from the food and supplement for better and faster results

It can be store at room temperature when sealed in the original package..Kinohimitsu Bio Booster will help to boost nutrient absorption by more than 2x from your daily food intake and your healthy & beauty Supplements..

Bio Booster can be taken by everyone! you should take care of your health now :)

This Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster is different from any others product because It is the first and only symbiotic-organic blend containing probiotics and vitamins.. It helps out body to absorb nutrients by more than 2 times.. It is packed in individual sachet for convenient and immediate consumption.

1 sachet a day before meal.
It can be taken every day so that you can be benefited from the food and supplements to the fullest

Open the sachet and mix it with 100ml water..Serve with chilled water for delicious taste..


Open the sachet and pour it directly into the mouth 

the result can be expected within days while the maximal effects can be seen in 4 weeks!
Health benefits can be achieved in many areas, such as digestion, bowel movement, immunity, skin beauty, energy and bodily function.. Results may be vary according to individuals and it is advisable to consume regularly to obtain the best results..

for more information please visit:-
Website: www.kinohimitsu.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kinohimitsu

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