Thursday, November 28, 2013

Luau Party with Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project Malaysia


Hello Supremo!!!
Remember the Pick-Me-Entry I wrote (READ HERE) ..and I got invited!! Yeayyy..I love The Butterfly Project Malaysia..Thank you so much Mamasan and The Butterfly SWOT Team ;) ...Some people they don't really like to make an entry just to get the invitation but for me I don't mind at all because What we will get is Worth more!! Just Think positive..

So, now..I want to story about what happen that night?? are we Party like we're in Hawaii??? hehehee..
I arrived at The Vila Manja Spa just right on time..Just nice, came and register and we got out flower necklace...and warm welcoming by our Mamasan and The Butterfly SWOT Team..

I'm wearing the colorful seashells bracelet that I bought at Langkawi early this year..

and regarding my outfit that night.. I'm wearing Black Blouse and Peach Pleated Skirt since I cannot wear a Grass Skirt and Bikini..hahaaahaa..I got to keep it special for my future husband yawww and please don't you ever try to imagine me wearing emmm..hahahaa..

The Kinohimitsu Product!!
 This is the reasons why we all celebrating Luau Party~~

ohh yaaa....did I mention that we get a free massage from the Vila Manja Spa...fefeling great before the party starts :)

**picture credited to Kinohimitsu Facebook Page 

Host of the night..Mamasan Tammy and Kak Illy...

More details explanation about Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster from the expert~~
I find this very helpful with short explanation for us..this also will guide us for the Kinohimitsu Product Review later..I just can't wait to see the result..Hopefully My skin will be good, healthy and glowing~~

Then, we also have Games!! yawwww...
the butterflies are busy filling up waters and they all so energetic that night..

meet the Kinohimitsu user..they share their experience and testimony using Kinohimitsu Product...

The Guy drink Kinohimitsu Collagen Men and guess what, he got 6-pacs!! i also cannot believe it but he show the 6 pacs to us..woww...Kinohimitsu does helping him..and ofcos you need a regular exercise as well..Kinohimitsu Drink will help the process to build up your muscles..

The Girl, her name is Azalea she said she a model..she Drink Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink which help her protect her skin and make her skin more smooth, firm and the tones of her skin balance...she have a dark skin tone and when she drink Kinohimitsu her skin tone getting fair than, It does helps in improving skin tone as well..

Thank You so much for the information given...I just can't wait to see the result on my skin soon!
wink wink ^_^

after all session done, out tummy starts gambling & starving..then we go eat with the buffet food provide..the food was delicious!! and ofcoz tengah makan tak focus nak ambil gambar dah..terus ngapp! ngeheheee..

The Luau Cupcakes!!
sedappp ;)

group photo with the Butterflies~~

Now It is the time to redeem our card!

I start with Spin & Win..I got 1 bottle of Kinohimitsu Diamond Drink..hehehe..boleh laaa dari takde :P

Most Excited part as you can see the way I'm over-smiling is The Goodie bag..
I redeem the gift provided by Kinohimitsu..Thank You so much Kinohimitsu ;)

and Try out Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink!!

The taste really good..sedappppp~~
beauty drink yang sedap

not to forget, The Unlimited Photo from 123Cheese Photobooth..
I am totally crazy with the pictures that night..I go back with too many pictures..Happy!!
 The service was superbb..once our picture captured we can get the picture right on time..don't have to wait..Thumbs Up!! :)

Mamasan and The Butterfly SWOT Team! Big Thanks to them..
I really glad that I joined The Butterfly Project because they make my blogging life more fun..hehee.. 

and ofcoz, I captured some photos with the Butterflies~~~

They really nice and fun!! Nice to meet all of you....
ada yang dah lama kenal and ada yang baru..Meet new friends~~
Nice to Meet all of You!! and Till we meet Again :D

So, I decide to Hula-Hula Dance at the end~~~

glad that I've experience this kinda havock Party!!
I will do The Kinohimitsu Product testimony soon! wait for it.......

 I would like to give a great thank You to Kinohimitsu and ofcoz to The Butterfly Project Malaysia !!
I have a great night with happy face bring the Kinohimitsu Product back home..
Till then,

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. Piqa!! Nice to meet u...awk tantik...nk gamba ckit leyh x...;)

  2. Nice entry adik. ;) nak cilik gambar sikit bole? :D

  3. Eh cilik pulak, cilok la.. Hahah

  4. nice entry n gambar pun semua cantik2. nice to meet you, piqa. X0x0

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