Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner


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I'm just stressing with my study life sometimes I just simply ignore everything and online update my blog, blogwalking and watching RunningMan or movie on my ladtop..hahaha..aiyoyoyooo..how can I be the best student if I keep going with this attitude..don't follow me please..teehee~~

Today, I want to review Maybelline product..I know you can BOOoo me if you want to cause it is too late for me to try this Maybelline Hypersharp Liner..I heard a lot of good respond about this eyeliner..especially when it is easy to apply..Let me review about this eyeliner and share my opinion about it.......

This is how the packaging looks like..
Thumbs Up for the yellow to gold color lid make me easier to find when it mixed with my others pencil liner.

Product Details:-
Product Name: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner
Code/Color: Black

This is how the tip of this eyeliner looks like..

the swatch for the eyeliner..

My Reviews:-
1) obviously it is really easy to apply on
2) the brush/tip of this eyeliner made out from nylon I guess, so it really easy to apply
3) the black color really dark and bold..Thumbs Up!!
4) This eyeliner long lasting up to 8 hours..but can easily remove..
5) easy to apply especially when I want to make eyecat or wing effect on my eyeline..
6) not showing any smudge or black mark effect for me..
7) I like when I can adjust the "thin and thick" style using this eyeliner


Where to buy:-
Watsons, Guardian or Maybelline Counter

This is me, ready to go to my classes..I'm wearing Maybelline Hypersharp Liner ;)

Overall, I really like this eyeliner..Satisfied with the results when apply it..can be use for daily..For me I definitely need eyeliner before I go to class or go out..make my face more enhance rather than my sleepy eye looks..hehehee...I guess, till here my review about this eyeliner..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know ;)

Thank You for reading this ^_^


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