Saturday, December 14, 2013

First experience Shopping with ZALORA


Hello supremo...

ZALORA? Who does not know about Zalora right? If you online and sign in your Facebook account or if you go for blogwalking you always going to see their adds almost everywhere on media sosial networks..even for those who do not have facebook, twitter and others also know about Zalora because they advertise everywhere including television and radios..
The most memorable advertisment on your television here in Malaysia for me is "when her husband scream and ZALORA delivery guy also scream"...hahaha... I bet you know what I funny even my dad keep following and remember about it. Hahahaaa...

The service that Zalora serve I can give a Thumbs Up! The service quite fast..If you feel insecure and never experience shopping online you can request for Payment upon delivery ... The delivery guy will arrive at your doorstep and you can do your payment that time..But don't worry, If you purchase RM75 and above you will get free they also got 30 days free return..

my orders has arrived...
In every Orders you made, you will received this envelope that fill with your Return receipt & invoice, poslaju form (for returning purpose) and promotion voucher (depends on your order)..

I got My Strappy Elastic Strap Basic Wedges from EZRA !!!
Happy With big smile ♡♡♡

EZRA brand based on Singapore designers that able to bring the new and cool design..the price also reasonable with every design and material..EZRA is a must have for style setting individuals that value unique and Affordable fashion..EZRA also only available exclusively online in Asia Zalora..

I'm wearing EZRA Strappy Elastic Strap Basic Wedges..
What I really like about it is the design and plus my feet are quit big but with this wedges I feel comfortable because it come with elastic strap...

I'm so glad that I purchase this lovely wedges..super like it!!
I will purchase again on Zalora..and I will share my next experience with Zalora to you..

So, go check out ZALORA website Now!

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. nampak cantik !
    suit with ur feet!
    myb MG shud try it too since my feet also big n dont look nice with any wedges .hohoho

    1. Thank you MG!
      Yes, you should try it..go check out Zalora Website noww..

  2. pika nak tau tak, KITA SUKA SANGAT KASUT NI masa nampak Pika pakai pergi event high tea haritu. kita dah lama tak pakai wedges, mungkin lepas ni boleh la tengok brand Ezra punya collection :) mahal tak?

    1. Wahhh..Thank you so much Mieza!!
      Yes, you should try it!! Heheee..harga super affordable..
      Go and collection your wedge nowwww..heheheee..

  3. Hello Zalora Fans,

    Here's a 15% discount code for all of you: ZBAPXHK
    - no minimum spend required
    - applicable to already discounted items (means you get extra 15% for discounted items somemore!)
    - no expiry date (so everyone can use!)

    BUT: you need to sign up a new Zalora account to use this code. I've several Zalora accounts myself because I sign up a new account to use this code for each purchase.