Monday, December 16, 2013

Product Review: SEPHORA Colorful Eyeshadow (Tiramisu N°86)


Hello supremo...
What are you up to now? Me?? I'm busy with my assignment, final presentation, and tests & quizes!! Ohhh..soo stress..My stress level will be incresing time by time..heheee..Therefore, to avoid some stress, I decide to post a product review..hehehee..spend some times for my blog..

The  product that I would like to share today is Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow..previously, I never try Sephora product and this is my first time trying Sephora product..well, I'm not so good on spending my money btw..hahaa...

This is how the Sephora packaging looks like...The packaging for this eyeshadow comes with small round packaging and mono type..You can choose from various color of your desire than you can buy Sephora palette to put all your eyeshadow in one for me, since I'm only buy this one color so, I do not need the eyeshadow palette yet..yet?? Huhuhuu...

Product Details:-
Product Name: Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow
Code: Nº 86 Tiramisu
Color/Shade: Shimmering coffee (Shimmer)
Nett: 2g
Made in: France

Sephora eyeshadow have high pigment loads with great texture..
This is a stunning, High pigment shadows with shimmer, glitter and mirror finishes

I'm happy to find this color because it is suitable to use for daily and smocky eye looks 

Here some swtach of this eyeshadow..

My Reviews:-
1) Sephora eyeshadow color are highly pigment
2) easy to blend and no flacking or to much fall out
3) long-lasting even better with primer/cream base
4) give an shimmery and mirror glow effect
5) The color I choose which is Nº 86 Tiramisu suitable for natural look for daily easily create a soft seamless look
6) can used with wet applicator to ensure the intensity of colors and enhance the effect of shimmery and mirror finish
7) can be use with dry & wet technique..special ;)
8) the color are beautiful and the packaging nice..
9) the eyeshadow are really packed and dense in the packaging..
10) No glitter fallout either when dry or wet application


Where to buy:-

I used this eyeshadow not for daily..normally I will apply if I want a smocky effect or something..I love the most is the color with the perfect like..I like this eyeshadow soo badly but I don't think I'm going to go with another color..huhuhuu..because I want to try out some others eyeshadow that might be worth to have but if I have an extra penny, why not!! as if I will buy together with the palatte..hehehe.. I hope you like my review..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know.. Till then ;)

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  1. nice shade..saya ada 1 color macam ni brand Mary Kay..dah pernah try Mary kay punya eye color..?

  2. cantik color dia
    MG mmg suka color yg dark2 brown je mcm ni utk eyeshdow :)