Monday, November 25, 2013

Clean Your Makeup Brushes & Sponge


Hello Supremo!!
How do you frequently clean your makeup brushes and sponges??? For those who use Brushes and Sponges to apply your makeup daily for yourself you are advise to clean your makeup tools once a week!! remember germs everywhere..don't ask why your face easy to get pimples and so on..ecehhh..this is actually an advise for me as well..sometimes I also forget to wash them weekly..sometime I wash my brushes monthly..bad habit!! Don't follow please..Well, let's change.......

Today I want to share how to easily clean your makeup brushes and sponges..If you are interested please keep reading it...

Basically what you need before clean your brushes and sponges..
1) Glass / Container
2) Water
3) Detergent / Soap / Shampoo
4) Small Towel
5) Your Brushes and Sponges 

1) Fill a Water into Glass..half of the glass if possible..
I used glass as if for this because it is much clear to show in picture but normally I will clean it on the simple container which can fit all my if for demo, I will be using glasses so all of you can see it clearly ;)

2) Put your Detergent / Soap / Shampoo into the glass and mix it with need a little about of the detergent..
As for me, Since I already bought this Daiso Detergent I used this to clean my brushes and sponges..but you also can use soap and shampoo but I prefer you to use shampoo instead..but its up to you ;)

3) Sink all the brushes into the micture of water and detergent..leave it for about minimum 30-60 minutes.. 

same step for the sponge..but sponge are normally easy to float you need to press it a bit to makesure it sink in the water..

4) Leave all the brushes and sponges for about 30-60 minutes..then you rinse them with water...

5) Use the towel to remove the water excessive

6) Let The brushes and sponges to dry up


So, Let see the results........

At Night...The Brushes filled with makeup excessive

In the Morning...Clean Brushes!!


Simple it don't want your face will be effected by any germs when you apply your makeup..If possible do it for twice a week (kalau rajin lahh)..hehehee..This is obviously an advise for me as well..ngee :D

Thumb Up if you if you clean your makeup brushes and sponges weekly!! hehehee..
I hope you like my Beauty Tips..Well, remember to start clean up your makeup tools or your face will filled with germs~~ HAAAAAAAAAAA...If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know..Till then ;)

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. Assalamualaikum, its a really good tips tho.. however i have cleaned my sponge before using hot water only but then sometimes the sponges came out like a lil oily after letting it dry (but hot water can remove oily stuff rite? i donno why this sponge kindda oily) so thats why i keep buying a new one.. currently i'm no longer using foundation like bb cream or other foundation brand.. i have no idea wht kind of make up that suits for my face.. such sensitive face i have.. anyway.. i hope i can read more tips bout beauty from you again.. keep it up girl.. (^_^)

  2. thanks for the tips..i baru belaja basuh brushes! huhu.. kadang tertanya mana datang jerawat ni, basuh muka tiap2 hari..aisey

  3. Simple Mini Giveaway.....Tamat Malam ni pukul 12..sempat lagi nak join...hehe

  4. hye syafiqah cantik...ingat kita lg x?? luau party last week?? hehe mne nak dapat detergen macam awk punye tu??

  5. ok done! tu pasal ahkak ingt pnh bace kat belog awk tp korek2 xjmp plak lol hahahha