Monday, November 18, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Color Tatoo (Fierce & Tangy || Bold Gold || Bad to Bronze)


Hello Supremo!

In Malaysia Maybelline Color Tatoo have 8 different colors..For now, I only have 3 out of aim to collect all colours soon!! hehhehhehh..what I have now is Fierce & Tangy, Bold Gold, and Bad to Bronze..I LOVE three of them..My first attempt. I choose color that I can frequently used and apply on..hehheee...When these came out to Malaysia, I bet everyone from beauty professional to girls with that interest in makeup were talk about it..This cream eyeshadows works like magic I must say..

This is how the Packaging looks like..
The glass container makes the whole thing look heavy and exclusive I guess..hehheee..
The product details are printed on the top of the lid cover and you can see the color at the bottom of the glass container..It seem like you have a lot of this product but nayyy..its only contain about half of the glass container..but then, still good..hehee.. I choose 3 color that I can used for everyday..

Product Details:-
Product Name: Maybelinne Color Tatoo
Product Code:  Fierce & Tangy  ||  Bold Gold  ||  Bad to Bronze
Nett: 4g
Made in: USA

10 Fierce & Tangy
Orange color with orange undertone
Not shimmery and more like solid color

45 Bold to Gold
gold color with yellow undertone
shimmery effect and can see as dual-tone sometime according to lighting

24 Bad to Bronze
bronze color with undertone
shimmery effect and can see as dual-tone sometime according to lighting

Here the swatches of this cream eyehsadow..As usually, I will show the different in Normal Lighting and Flash Lighting..The picture may slightly different from the real due to the lighting I aiming for "mini white studio" now so I can take picture clearly..hehee..kumpul duit dulu~~~

here without flash can see the
10 Fierce & Tangy not shimmery and more to solid/mate color
45 Bold to Gold and 24 Bad to Bronze they are shimmery evetho in the normal lighting but sometime it is going to show different color effect..

here with flash can see the
10 Fierce & Tangy not so shimmery yet it has yelow-ish to orang-ish undertone
45 Bold to Gold and 24 Bad to Bronze they are obviously shimmery with deep undertone

My Reviews:-
1) This eyeshadow is Creamy texture
2) this eyeshadow blends gorgeously with your eyelids
3) They are extremely pigmented cream eyeshadow
4) It stayed on for a long period of time up to 10 hours but not as it claims 24hours lasting .
5) since it is creamy based this also can be used as a eyeshadow primers..
6) this eyeshadow not to sheer on the first appliction
7) it is easy to blends and appy to your eyelid
8) easy to used and this is good for makeup beginners
9) easy to apply by using you finger if you don't have synthetics brush (since cream taxture only stick on synthetic brushes only)
10) this eyeshadow got a shine and metallic effect 
11) the color of this eyeshadow really bold


Where to Buy?
Watsons, Guardian, Maybelline Counter

Tips: for secure and quality of this product please keep it in the jar safely and ensure the lid always closed and been covered because this cream eyeshadow tends to get dry and be solid when it is expose to air..

on this picture I'm Wearing Maybelline Color Tatoo in 10 Fierce & Tangy
My favourite among this Three.I do love 3 of them but Fierce & Tangy are rank No.1 for me..

I do love this cream eyeshadow I wish to collect all of this babies soon..That all what I want to share to you guys about this product..I hope you like it and find my review are helpful to you.. its either to buy this product or not, If this product suitable for you and so on..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know so I can improve it..

Thank You for reading this ^_^



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  2. SUMPAH cantik how syafiqah pakai!!! ada gak kalaer oren tu, tp cm xtau nk pakai cam na. this inspire me! <3

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