Sunday, November 17, 2013

Product Review: Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick (Dream Fushia)


Hello Supremo~~

Last September, Avon has launched their New Product..I got mine that is Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick..
This Lipsticks came with 16 different colors/ shades..As what it claims, this lipstick aims to make the color will last longer and the color will be available and suitable for all skin tones/shades..New Technology of showing the true colors with New pigment that made of 'shea butter' that will last the color and comfortable all day long..

This is how the packaging of this lipstick looks like..
it is in square shape..I love this square shape instead of round/cylinder shape lipstick..
The lid of this lipstick has transparent cover which we can see the color of the lipstick easily..

this lipsticks claims to give moisture, shine and good colored for the users..
the new formulation that more creamy with protection of SPF15...

Product Details:-
Product Name: Avon Ultra Rich Lipstick
Code: 0146-8
Color: Dream Fushia
Nett: 3.5g

Here the swatches of this lipstick..I going to share in the Normal Light and Flash Light how the color of this lipstick......

here the color in Normal Light
in fushia color..but more to purple tones..

here the color in the Flash Light
we can see the shimmery effect in fushia color
*macam warna barbie laaaa~~~

My Reviews:-
1) This is really new color for me and suitable with my skin tone
2) the color obviously bold and shine..
3) I must say it is easy to apply and get moisture when application
4) somehow, this lipstick sometime give a 3D effect on my lips
5) eventho is say shimmery but it id not that shimmery..just a simple shine...which is good!
6) believe it or not..the final result of this lipstick is actually matte..I know, I can believe it either..hahaa..
7) it is not too glossy, I hate glossy lipsticks which make my lips feel like been glued hahhaa..but this lipstick doesn't..
8) last longer up to 6-8 hours but of course it will fade on but color still remain the same
10) no bad fragrance or smell on this lipstick..
11) so far, I wearing this, also no irritating not causing any drying effect on my lips..

*you will get it more cheaper price when the promotion period..

Where to Buy:-
Avon Outlet/Stockist and Dealers

 I'm wearing Avon Ultra Rich Lipstick in Dream Fushia...

I dare myself to choose this color and I love it!! aming for more colors soon!!
guess what color will I choose next?? hihihii..

Till here my review about this Avon Ultra Rich Lipstick in Dream can get yours now with 16 different colors..I will go with the nude color soon!! wait for my review about it soon..I hope you like my review and find it helpful to you..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know..leave a comment on the comment box down below.. so I can improve it in future..
In Shaa Allah ;)

Thank You for reading this ^_^


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