Friday, November 15, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express Mascara


Hello Supremo!

Maybelline never let me down in Their Mascaras Collection.. I heard about this Maybelline Rocket Mascara  have new volumizing formula. I've been using this mascara lately and this mascara really awesome..Let me explain why??.........

This is how This Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara Express looks like..
I love love love the packaging..The color so blocking style and tha shape of this mascara look like a rocket..wooohooooo..really the shape!! I give 4.8 Stars for the packaging...

Product Details:-
Product Name: Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express Mascara
Code/Color: Black

This mascara wand/brush really good..It says that The Revolutionary of The Supersonic Brush with micro bristles loads on big, sleek volume instantly... When I apply this mascara onto my lashes it work properly to my upper and lower lashes..

The new formula that is waterproof but washable..means it is easy to remove with combination of soap and water..This mascara give volume, length and good seperation for each lashes..It also claim that there is No Clump..It delivers a good volume with the fantastic brush, evenly from root to tip...

This just with 1 coat of  This Rocket Mascara..woww! I'm impressed with the result especially for my lower lashes...
if you notice that my lower lashes get more volume and length...
*REMINDER, this is just with 1 Coat of Mascara!!! Wowwww~~

My Reviews:-
1) The mascara works great for me..give a volume and separate the lashes properly..
2) It is n deep black shade..everyone love blackest mascara..
3) it lasts longer and with 2 coats it give a thick yet visible lashes to
4) definitely clump-free..this mascara will fall like it is been "peeled off"
5) delivers a good volume with the fantastic brush, evenly from root to tip
6) eventho it has the washable formula but it has great long lasting
7) It is contact lens safe and opthalmologist-tested
8) no funny fragrance with this mascara..the smell just the same like others Maybelline mascaras
9) goes on very smooth and waterproof..


Where to Buy:-
Guardian, Watsons & Beauty drugstore

Overall, I really love this mascara with the beautiful packaging..I also love the result of this mascara..especially when you want to wash will not let you eye become like a panda eyes like other mascaras..when this mascara is been washed disappear easily..the formula of this mascara seem a liltle bit drying but it not that dry, you can still easily apply it on..
Hope You find my review will help you..if there is any comment, critique, advise, request or opinion please let me I can improve more in future..In Shaa Allah :)  and please do visit and read my other product review..

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. Dah lama aim nak beli mascara ni, tunggu yg lama habis dulu.. Hehehe..

    1. okay2..aim jgn tak aim Kak ANis..hehee
      nanti beli taw..try it..

  2. Suka mascara nie senang nak apply and senang nak basuh..

  3. hai Shafiqah.. nak tanya boleh?
    selain review produk, Shafiqah pernah review kelas? Ex: kelas penjagaan kulit @ make up..

    1. hai Maya,
      Pika belum pernah buat review pasal kelas2 kecantik lagi sebab belum ada kesempatan untuk sertai kelas-kelas mcm tu..
      but if there is any opportunity, I would love too :)

  4. Read a lot of good reviews for this product! I shall try it out!