Monday, November 11, 2013

Product Review: Everyday Minerals Professional Makeup Brush Set


Hello Supremo!
Another Make Brushes for my collection that is Everyday Minerals Makeup Brushes..I saw this brushes when i surf for cuci-cuci mata at ..then Pika saw this brushes were on Sale!! I Love Sales plus since this Brushes are hardly to get in Malaysia..I bought this from My Deals for RM85 instead of RM450!! what a huge different there..about 81% discounted from the original price..Happy!! Happy!!..I'm so excited if there is any Sales..I'm glad that I surf that time..since this is Limited Sales..but I guess they gonna make it, grab you chance later!! OKAY ;)  hehehee..

this the Full Set of this Everyday Minerals 11-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

Product Details:
Product Name: Everyday Minerals Professional Brush Set
Brush types: Foundation, Blusher, Eyeshadow, Highlighthing brush, Shading, Concealer and more

 5 Piece of Face Brushes
Baby Flat Top,
Flat Top Brush,
Long Handled Kabuki,
Dome Blush Brush,
Foundation Brush

6 piece of Eye Brushes
Eye Kabuki Brush,
Angle Brow & Liner Brush,
Oval Concealer Brush,
Eye Blending Brush,
Dome Blending Eye Brush,
Eye Smudge Brush

This brushes Made with soft synthetic bristles and eco-friendly bamboo handles

Do you know that Synthetic burshes gonna help you save your money? WHY??
because their non-absorbing characteristic ensures bristles only take up what you need and nothing more..This keeps more pigments in your makeup case and your money in your pocket as well!!

Do You know that Synthetic brushes are easier to clean? WHY??
you will need shampoo and water for your weekly rising and bristles will dry by the next morning if you washing is done by night before

Do you know that Synthetic brushes are friendly to sensitive skin? WHY??
unlike unicorn hair, these brushes do not cause allergic and fairytale reactions when used on delicate daces.

This Set comes with Soft Brush Pouch..

My Review:-
1) can use for daily and suitable for mineral makeup application as well..
2) This brushes are really soft brushes with a perfect shape
3) it is enough to get a precise application and get an evened out finish with this brush touch
4) This brushes can use for a long time..unless you lost it..hihihii..
5) they are extremely well design and made..
6) they hold their shape and the bristle density of each brush is thick and appropriate to use..
7) this Brushes eco-friendly since they made up from bamboo
8) make you makeup application easier since they really good to hold up makeup pigment

**but I got this for RM85 Only!! (discounted price)

Where to Buy:-

Overall, I really madly in Love with this Brushes plus the price are so reasonable for me..You can get yours too..Don't missed out to catch the sales happening and so on..This set brush is enough for makeup beginners because it is complete with all needed..I hope you like my review and find it really helpful to you..If there is any comment and suggestion please let me know..So, I can improve myself in future....

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. memang worth it beli kalau murah macam ni ! :)

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