Thursday, October 24, 2013

Product Review: Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge


Hello Supremo!!
Who know DAISO?? Put your hand up!!!! 
I bet everyone know Daiso right! shop that sale everything worth RM5..
I went to Daiso at Publika and I bought this ohhsemmmmm Daiso Product that is Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge..Basically it is a detergent for clean makeup brushes and sponges..I find it very interesting to buy since I don't really have Detergent or Soap that suitable to clean up makeup brushes..usually I just simple use my shampoo..hahaa..and the brush pun jadi wangi..ngehehheee..but now I have this Detergent that can help me to clean my makeup brushes and sponges..

This is how the packaging looks like! just in a simple hard plastic bottle..the attaction I guess because it is pink label..hehehee..gegirlsssss...but be careful in choosing the product cause you might confuse this Detergent for Puff and Sponge with another Detergent for stains on cloth..So please read the Product label before you simple choose the product..but if you wrongly picked up you still can buy another one since this Product not that expansive to get..

 Product Details:
Product Name: Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge
Nett: 80ml
Product Code: 124
Made in: Japan

the liquid is a saturated type of liquid compared to water It seem like a real detergent you always use to wash your cloth but this one is to wash your mekeup brushed and sponges..

This is who its looks like when your makeup brushes was immerse in this solution..the Transparent water turns to Colored Water since the impurities are simple removed ..just leave it about 20-30 minute of time you'll find that you brush clean as possible..

My Review:
1) effectively remove impurities on makeup brushes and sponges
2) the efficiency about 90% of the impurities are removed
3) use for about a few drop is enough to remove impurities which save your pocket money
4) instead used makeup remover, use this detergent save your time bu simply immerse your brushed in it and rinse
5) the time taken for the impurities to remove takes about 20-30 minutes..meanwhile you can do other things 
6) easy going with the skin and sponges..
7) this is Fragrance-free and contain no pigment in this liquid
8) I find that this detergent suitable for synthetic and hair makeup brushes as well..


Where to Buy:-

Overall, this Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge are worth to buy! effectively removed impurities on Brushes and Sponges..and the method to use also simple and save time..
Thumbs Up if you find my review are helpful to you its either to buy this product or not..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know so I can improve it..

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. namee xpernah g daiso. sedih. sobs.hehe.tapi slalu baca blog orang cakap pasal daiso...omg..memang awesome sgt daiso. barang2 yg ssh nk cri tempat lain tp dia ada !! :D cool gilaa.

    1. serious Kak Namee tak pernah g Daiso??
      memang barang2 dia jual murah and cute2..
      nanti kak Namee pergi la taw..banyak tempat boleh cari Daiso ni..

  2. Hai...saya pun pakai detergent for sponge & puff dari daiso ni...memang berbaloi2..

    1. kan. berbaloi untuk beli dengan harganya yang berpatutan..feewitt~~

  3. Salam... nak tanya beli kt Daiso mana... Saya stay dekat Ipoh.. dah berkali-kali cari tapi tak jumpa. huhu.

  4. Salam... nk tanya, beli kt Daiso mana ek. Saya stay dekat Ipoh... cari dekat Daiso Ipoh takde punnnnn... T_T

  5. Here's my take on the other variant of this product. I have yet to try this one out.