Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Product Review: Savee Color Eyeshadow


Hello Supremo!
I want to share about Savee Color Eyeshadow that I accidentally bought it on my way to LRT Kelana Jaya..there are Savee Booth and that time ada sales pulak..woohoo..rambang mata..but then, Pika tak berani nak beli banyak-banyak because I don't know if this product blends well with my skin or not so I selected 2 eyeshadow which I usually wear the color was Brown and Goldish Yellow..unfortunately there is NO CODE stated for the eyeshadow..Savee Product are originally from Singapore..So far I really like it! I don't have to spend soo much money for it as well..THUMBS UP!! heheheee...

 Product Details:-
Product: Savee Color Eyeshadow
Nett: 4g
Color: brown & yellowish gold
Made in: Singapore

this is the up closed picture for each color..
The packaging for this eyeshadow seem bad cause it just place it plastic transperent container as you can refer in the picture..but I guess it worth with the price ..soo cheap.....heee~

the swatch for each colour..
as you notice the colour still the same when swatch on skin..(might have slight different due to lighting )

I'm wearing Savee Colour Eyeshadow..
just for simple and daily uses..really nice and worth to have..

My Review:
1) I was so surprise with the color that last longer than I expected..
2) This eyeshadow very pigmented..pigmented same as elinato eyeshadow..the packaging almost the same as well..
3) easy to blends as well..simply use eyeshadow brushes and apply the color already pop out
4) the color pretty as well..the color similar as it blends with skin
5) No Fragrances as far as I wear them..
6) the packaging was not really satisfieying because it just place in the simple transparent..seem like a refill product..
7)  But still the price was worth it to buy because its cheap
8) do not cause me any irritating..because sometime you bought a cheap cosmetics it might cause you irritating on skin but this eyeshadow seem fine with my skin

**sales price I cheap!! I wish to collect more color soon..

Where to Buy:-
any Savee Booth
directly go to their website:

eyeshadows that really cheap worth about RM2 this is really worth to have!! it doesn't give any bad reaction to your skin as well..the colour pretty and pigmented..for those who really in saving right now..this eyeshadow might be suitable for you to try can choose so many different colour according to your desire..

That all what I want to share to you guys about this product..I hope you like it and find my review are helpful to you.. its either to buy this product or not, If this product suitable for you and so on..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know so I can improve it..

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. eiiii...aritu MG pun nk beli but tkot plak kalau elergic ke ape ke sbb mmg murah
    u jmpe rm2 kan? MG jumpe rm1 je 1
    tu macam ragu2 plak nk beli n try
    tp bila u dah review nex time jumpa MG grab 2 3 color kot ..huhu :)
    worth it kan :)

    1. so far pika try memang okay la...
      nanti try la..lagi pun tak rugi beli kalau awak jumpa dengan RM1..
      pika beli dengan RM2 masa tu..but then, still orth to have...

  2. syafiqaaaa kita dh borong banyak. mmg best & murah pulak tu!

    1. kannn!! tak rugi beli kannn...
      so far pika try product ni okay jaaa..takde pape irritating..legaa~~

  3. Tak pernah try brand ni, tp nampak mcm worth la dengan harga.. Huhuhu

    1. pika pun. this is my first time taw..
      so far pika try memang best..hihii..

  4. cantik color dia !! :D me likeyy !!

    1. yes, colour dia more to favourite tone for eyeshadow..

  5. Murah dan warna cantik. Nice review! :)

    1. thank you dear..
      yes, warna2 dia memang cantik..
      kalau jumpa nanti try la beli..

  6. akk pun ada beli eyeshadow blm pernah guna lg..:)

    1. okay2..nanti akak boleh guna eyeshadow tu..