Monday, October 21, 2013

Product Review: Kryolan Supracolor


I bought this Kryolan Supracolor at Facebook Harga Borong AW II ..I found this page when i surf Facebook and this Kryolan Supracolor pop out on my new feed on Facebook..I heard that this product have been recommended and used by Professional Makeup Artis..This is the reason why make me feel more excited to try this product..

 This is how the packaging looks like..I bought the Sample/Repack that only contain about 7g..
Since I don't really know if this product suitable for me or not..So, I decide to try out the Sample/Repack first.. do you know that this Sample/Repack can last more than 1 year (for one person use)!! believe it or not..wooooo.. Since just a little bit.swacth of this Kryolan Supracolor cream can cover all face..

This is the Original Pack for 55ml looks like..

 Product Details:-
Product Name: Kryolan Supracolor
Code: 3W (natural bright)
Nett: 10g (sample/repack set)
Made in: Germany

This foundation is Oily Base..suitable for those who have problem with pimples, black spots, and dark circle (lime me) this will help you to cover those flaws and make you face looks more flawless..
Suitable for Dry to Normal skin..

I'm done applied Kryolan Supracolor as my foundation

My Review:-
1) This Foundation have Full coverage
2)This is cream type and make your skin looks more smooth
3)this cream foundation easy to can use sponges or Synthetic Brushes for application
4) blends easily with skin..please choose the correct code according to your skin tone..if not you will end up looks like wearing a "mask"
5) with just a small swatch of this cream foundation it able to cover whole face area..
6) wearing this can lasting up to 6-8 hours based on my experience..since I have a combination skin type..sometimes my face get oily, Its depends on your skin type as well..
7) give your skin flawless look..since this can cover up your face flaws, black spots and eyebag..
8) do not have bad fragrance or anything bad..

Sample/Repack (7g): RM35 (without postage)
Original Pack (55g): RM125 (without postage)

Where to Buy:

This are the Sample from Harga Borong AW II

That all what I want to share to you guys about this product..I hope you like it and find my review are helpful to you.. its either to buy this product or not, If this product suitable for you and so on..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know so I can improve it..

Thank You for reading this ^_^



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