Friday, October 18, 2013

Product Review: MUA Haven and Earth Palette


Hello Supremo..
I know that a lot of people especially beauty addict know this MUA Brand..This MUA cosmetics product are originally from UK..this is a very famous brand in UK and this product a really affordable..The quality of this product also good and worth to have! What I can say about this product really satisfied! Since this MUA Brand are hardly to find and get in Malaysia so you need to find an alternative to ordered online..The Product that I want to share with you girls are MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Heaven and Earth..

This is how the packaging looks like...
just a simple plastic compartment and transparent to shoes each color on the eyeshadow palette...with the black cover..

Back of the palette there is information and details about this palette..

Product Details:-
Product: MUA Eyeshadow pallette
Code: Heaven and Earth
Nett: 9.6g
Made in: UK

Closed up look for each color..
Obviously, I really love earth tone color because it is suitable to apply at any time..its either on a normal day,hangout with frineds and go to event or dinner..The color in MUA eyeshadow palette really become my choice and there a 12 beautiful colors..

This is the swatch for each color in the palette..and it is swatches according to the color in the eyeshadow palette..most of the color absolutely my favorite since I love earth tone eyeshadow color..This eyeshadow palette give it all..I never expect that the eyeshadow sre really pigmneted and the color a so pretty!! IMPRESSED!! 

I'm wearing eyeshadow from MUA eyeshadow palette in Heaven & Earth ;)
really love the soft and shiny effect of this eyeshadow..
**btw, I'm not this fair, thanks to the lighting..wink wink ^_^

Thumbs Up for this MUA eyeshadow Palette in Heaven & Earth

My Review : 
1) The tone for this palette absolutely my favorite..I love every color and I've tried all color..
2) The eyeshadow are really pigmented! Love Love..
3) the color for this eyeshadow really pop out 
4) there is a liltle bit of shimery you can refer in Flash Picture
5) This eyeshadow are really to apply..just simple use you finger or eyeshadow brush and the color will stay
6) other than that, the coloe are also easy to blends as if to make s smokey effect..
7) the eyeshadow can last up to 10 hours..and of course it keep fades by time to time..but we still can see the color..
8) there is No Fragrance or uneasy scent on this eyeshadow
9) the packaging easy to get scratch and might broke if you din't take care of it since it just a plastic


Where to buy : 
Facebook: elly stylista
Website: MUA cosmetics

Overall, I really love this eyeshadow palette..I recommended it for those who looking for natural makeup look that affordable to bought..there are 12 different shades in earth tone color..easy to apply and blends well on skin..I Hope you find my review is helpful to you..if there is any comment or suggestion please drop at the comment box below..

Thank you for reading his ^_^



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    1. kannn..Finally kak ANis try jugak palette ni..
      tak rugi menggoda akak suruh beli..heheh ;)

  2. ni lagi sorang menggoda suruh beli MUA palette :p Kita takde lagi MUA products, baca sambil bersabar, hehe!

  3. Saya ada ni! Suka semua warnanya, cantik sangat! ;)

  4. i have this palette tapi tak pernah pakai lagi. Nak tiru, thanks for the idea!