Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Product Review: Biore' Cleansing Oil


Hello Supremo!
Berapa ekor lembu and Kambing uolss dah telan??? hehehheee..
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Pika want to review about Makeup Remover..I bet everyone must have makeup remover kann!!
Usually Pika used Makeup remover yang base nya water and milky foam but this time I try Makeup remove that based on Oil..or just can simple called as Oil Cleansing..Have you heard of Biore Cleansing Oil before?? I finally tried this makeup remover since my usual makeup remover almost finish..

this is how the packaging looks like..
purple color (awhhh! my favorite) and transparent bottle in plastic with tube..practical!

Product Details:-
Product: Biore' Cleansing Oil
Code: Suitable all skin types
Nett: 150ml
Made in: Japan

This bottle quite practical because it has pump..
So, we can ensure the appropriate amount how much we need to use..

So, here I got a few swatches..
from Mascara, Lipstick, Pencil Liner, Liquid Eyeliner, and eyeshadows

Let's see if  Biore' Cleansing Oil can remove it or not..

first, just pump appropriate amount of cleansing oil
we can see that the makeup become fades..

Then, gently massage onto it to dissolve makeup..

Get your cotton pad and clean up the makeup and facial dirt
Then, rinse thoroughly with water

My Reviews:-
1) Gentle cleansing oil washes away long-lasting makeup, even waterproof mascara
2) This Oil-Based makeup remover from Japan..the oil based that used to remove makeup
3) has excellent cleansing ability that makes makeup removal so quickly and easy
4) effectively dissolves and removes long lasting makeup, even waterproof mascara
5) lifting away dirt and impurities
6) formulated to provide optimum cleansing performance
7) does not clog pores and gentle and mild in skin..but its kinda oily so you need to wipes it before rinse it..
8) refreshing fragrance..just and easy scent so smell not really irritated smell that usual makeup removal have


Where to Buy:-
Watsons, Guardian, or Hypermarket (Giant/Tesco)

This Cleansing Oil is definitely different from any makeup remover have I tried before..Overall, I Like it..used every time I want to remove my makeup before sleep..seriously love the fragrance of this cleansing oil..fresh and sweet..make you suddenly smile with no reason..hehehee..As a reminder to you and myself as well, remember to clean up or removed your makeup before you go to sleep at night..let your skin to breathing so your pores does not clogged..

I hope you like my review and find my review are helpful to you..Thumbs Up is you find my review helpful to you..If there is any comment or suggestion, please let me know as well so I can improve more soon..In Shaa Allah..

Thank You for reading this ^_^

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  1. wah...thanks for the riview sweetie..i sedang mencari makeup removal yg mcm ni..wah best3...thanks3.. :)..anyway salam kenalan..

    1. your welcome problem..
      salam perkenalan ;)

  2. Pika, kita dah lama pakai this remover. memang suka. walaupun agak oily, tapi untuk hard remove make up stuff sangat bagus.

    1. ohh, really..pika baru nak try..ngehehee..
      yup, kinda oily jugak but effective kann..


  3. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.

    Oil Makeup Remover

  4. Halal ke biore cleansing oil ni....klu halal nak belilah....