Thursday, September 05, 2013

Product Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hours Foundation


Hello Supremo!

Honestly pika ni memang bukan peminat foundation..normally pika akan apply my moisturizer and concealer..kalau nak apply foundation ni bila ada event or dinner je..sebab foundation ni tak elok kalau pakai hari-hari..tapi still nak buat banyak-banyak collection lagi..banyak wishlist yang pika buat..exited-exited..hihii..

Today pika nak review my new foundation iaitu Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hours Foundation..

This is how the packaging looks small plastic tube bottle

my current foundation or I can say my only foundation I have now..huhuu..

Foundation ni mudah nak keluar la sebab dia macam picit sikit dah keluar foundation nya..untuk packaging it is good for me..i like it..

The texture of the foundation very nice and easy to blend..

Product details:
Product: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hours foundation
Nett: 30ml
Code: 200 soft beige

Pika suka dot-dot kan foundation dekat muka

Lepas tu terus blend kan foundation tu rata-rata seluruh muka..

Set up with powder and you are done..

My Review:
1. The color of this foundation match my skin tone very well
2. Easy to blend this foundation..nak blend tu memang nampak rata
3. Tak cakey lansung..very nice and look more natural..takde la nampak macam tepung komaK..hihii..
4. The coverage is from medium to high..
5. With small amount of foundation is enough to cover your face..tak perlu berleyer-leyer
6. The smell for this foundation is smell like floral garden like..Just nice..
7. This is liquid type and easy for cover Some flaws 
8. Lasting up to 8 hours or maybe more..sebab muka pika kuat berpeluh sikit..hihii..
9. Does what it claim..bila apply foundation ni rasa ringan sangat..rasa macam tak pakai foundation pun ada..
10. Suitable for oily/normal skin me..pika more to combination skin type..

I bought this from my neighbour for only RM25..she bought this at London if I'm not mistaken..
so, I'm not sure the retail price for this foundation..but you can browse this at Watson, One Utama,,

Hope u like my review
if there is any comment or question..please let me know..
I'll be please to answer your question..

Thank You for reading this ^_^


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