Monday, September 09, 2013

Your Home by The River, Casa Del Rio, Melaka


My Trip to Melaka was awesome!! The Most awesome part is the place we're staying....just know by the name pika dah tahu memang tempat yang curlas ni..hihii.. Casa Del Rio located at Melaka near by at the famous place in Melaka, River Cruise...why am I going to Melaka?? Read HERE for more info..hihiii

Let's go some tour around the Casa Del Rio, Melaka..

the time we arrive, we're served with delicious foods!

Check it confirm!
The Deluxe Suite Room! Psssstttttt..I heard that cost about RM1400 per night..OhMyyyy...

the bed was super comfortable..

My Happy face!! yihaaaaaaaaa~

the desk

the hallway from the door to the washroom till the bed area..

chilled out watching television with Astro Chanel..jyeahhh

evertime i saw a bed mesti nak lompat-lompat..yihaaaaa...

the coffee and tea provided..pika bancuh hot chocolate je..yang lain semua pika bawak balik rumah..hehee..

this is the closet looks like..
excited to place all my dress, shoes and stuff..

the mirror on the wall..

the washroom was freakin' pretty!

the are the bathtub section and also shower section...
most of the time pika mandi guna shower je..

the bath gel, shampoo and conditioner was placed in this small cute custom made 'tembikar'

the bathrobe prepared 

 the bathrobe!

the corridor ..

done the room tour! the room was amazing..beyond my expectation..really comfortable

so, now I'm gonna show you the swimming pool area..sedih sebab tak sempat pika nak mandi swimming pool tu ...

now, we jumping to the swimming pool side..

the swimming pool was can se the edge of the pool running out of water...scary yet fun!

the pool area was great..we can see the view at Bandar Melaka!

my partner of crime on that day, Kak Anis Athia ^_^

the view at night..
ready to sleep in quiet and comfortable zone...zzzzzzzzzz...

 The Breakfast was superb! this called The Big Breakfast ;)

enjoy my breakfast!! YUMEHHHH 

 It's really hard for me to leave this lovely room! really enjoy my time staying at this hotel ;)

we have a great time here ;)
really nice to get along with all butterflies! from left Frankie, Anis Athia, SyafiqahHashimXOXO (nak jugak tulis nama penuh tu..kihkihkihh), IllyArifin, Tammy, CikLilyPutih, Ayna and Carolyn..

it's the end of our trip to Melaka...

This trip was great and most of the thanks to the Lux Team and Shrilyn and Angie who always keep a good care of us and make this trip as a memorable trip for us..please invite us again and again and again..hihii..

till then.

Thanks for reading this ^_^


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    Happy Travels Everyone!