Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Travelog: Vietnam Trip Teaser


Hello everyone!

I just get back from my vacation with my Family at Vietnam yesterday..
It a Wrap!! This vacation were planned by my sister..only 7 people are able to join this Vietnam Trip..among our closed family members that is My Sister, Brother, Maksu, Paksu, Afrina (little cousin), and Kak Ain (cousin)..We go to Vietnam by Tour from 3T Travel Agency..

We arrived  at Ho Chi Minh Airport around 4.30 p.m Malaysia clock and it is about 3.30 p.m for Vietnam Clock..yeahh..Malaysian earlier by 1 hours from their time..It is about to passed their Kastam check and everything..

Here my clumsy and oily face after touch down at Ho Chi Minh Airport

here some teaser video were made by my brother..
Let's watch!

wait for more update and stories soon!
I will try my best to finish and share about everything we experienced in Vietnam..
I bet It is going to be a long post with a full of picture..hahaha..please be patient for it and hope you will enjoy my travelog experience and I will also share some tips what, where and when..especially for Muslim Traveller..

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. waaa...bestnye...nanti update cepat2 tau..nak baca!!

    1. okay Kak Liza..pika akak cuba update secepat yang mungkin..hihii.. :)