Thursday, February 20, 2014

Product Review: CCM Tapered Crease Blender


Hello Sweeties !

This time I want to review a Tapered Crease Blender from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia
I'm sure you have heard about Colours Cosmestics Malaysia before right..As you may have noticed, they came up with their own label brand..Previously they came up with Flat Top Foundation Brush and now it is Tapered Crease Blender..! IMPRESSED :DDD

After I received this brush I was really happy with their packaging
The delivery package also arrived safely and the item was in good condition
because it is wrap with the bubble plastics wrap and safe!

here some up close of what inside the packaging together with some note and information about this brush..

This brush is not a limited product.. So, you can easily get it when ever you want..
plusss it is really affordable !

The handle are not too long and make it really easy to apply ..It will provide greater control during application and blending of colour especially around the crease and outer "V" of the eye..

The size of this brush:-
Bristles length is about 1.5cm 
Bristles width is about 0.5cm
15cm length

This Crease Blender was specially design for Asian is tapered and dense.

This brush is a Synthetic Bristles which means it can be used for cream products as well! 
Plus no worries for our Muslimah sisters because Product is Halal and also good for vegans..

Method to Use This Brush?
1. Apply eyeshadow by sweeping the brush to and from across the crease..
2. Blend out the eyeshadow to remove harsh lines.
3. To apply colour on specific areas, use little dotting strokes to deposit little bits of shadow onto the area..

My Reviews:-
1) the bristles are super soft
2) it is really affordable to get
3) After used this brush it is is soft and gentle on your eyes
4) sometime it also kinda multitasking because I can also sometime used this as concelaer brush, shading  due to the flexible nature
5) It does not irritating the eyelid area.. really easy to blend eyeshadow
6) this brush was well-design and light weight as well and easy to grip 
7) also can easily bring along during travelling
8) it is really easy to wash and clean it up after used also dry quick
9) no the bristle fallouts not changes to shape of the bristle after washing it
10) the synthetics bristles do not shed or may be shed minimally during the first wash
11) Product is Halal and it is definitely good for vegans!
12) the synthetics brush can blend you cream eyeshadows


Where to Buy:-
Colours Cosmetics Malaysia 

Overall, I would like to recommend this to make up beginners and also to pro who have an Asian eyes look..Honestly, I do have blender brush previously but it is too big and pluffy which make the eyeshadow widely spread up to eyebrow area sometimes..but with this blender I find it really great to used.. I can easily create a eye crease with my dark shades eyeshadow..Well, this is for is really worth to have the price are so affordable and the brush a good quality..:)
Let's support out local brand !!

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. bestnye brush tu! baru rasa mcm nak beli sbb senang sikit nak makeup org. bestnye!