Friday, February 28, 2014

Travelogue: Vietnam Shopping Haul


Hello, Remember last time I told you that I was on vacation with my family to Vietnam [HERE]..
I would like to share my shopping haul to Vietnam..I think I shop a lot for me myself..
people said that Vietnam is the place where you can shop and get a cheaper price compare to Malaysia..I agree with that but unfortunately not all item are cheap..You must find the correct place, do some research and comparison for each price for certain items..Sometimes the item are the same but the price are different according to the place you go at Vietnam..

believe it or not they somehow or rather will give you the price you wanted..but you have to put an "act" to it..
pretend that you don't want the item and go out to the shop..they will automatic stop you and give you a calculator to state your desire price.and make sure you state a cheaper price..just like I have to put and ACT to it..hehehee..

By the way, you will become a Vietnam Dong Millionaire when you came to Vietnam..kekekekeee..
you will hold millions of Vietnam Dong!! So, please be careful :)

 My Shopping Haul...?

1) Handbags

Red Fringe Handbag - 300,000 Vietnam Dong
Grey studded Fringe Handbag - 325,000 Vietnam Dong
Gold and black handbag - 250,000 Vietnam Dong

I obviously, I choose this handbag for a reason..First, because of the design and uniqueness..this design is hardly to find in Malaysia..They have but not much..and the 2 fringe handbags are made from a cow lather as they explain to me..but this handbag you can find it easily at Vietnam but not Malaysia :)

2) Blouse/Top 

each blouse are in different price and bought at different place but the price are around 150.000 - 200,000 Vietnam Dong
for the Vietnam Coffee top was only 120,000 Vietnam Dong

Blouse is quite chepaer over there and they have a lot of sizes!! you name it from smallest to biggest..
easy for me to find my size as well..they have a lot of design and colours...If converted to Ringgit Malaysia the price range is about RM16 - RM20 only..! the Materiala are okay with me..COMFORTABLE as a short form :)

3) Kain Pasang/Fabrics

and of course I will no missed out to buy a "Kain Pasang"
Vietnam famous with Vietnam Silk..they also have grade for each silk..
I wonder the price will be more expansive at Malaysia.. 

I got my self the gold & black Vietnam Silk Grade 1 cost me about RM49/sepasang [4 meters]
pink & black Vietnam Silk Grade 2 cost me about RM45/sepasang [4 meters]

2 English Cotton Fabrics..high quality and material also cost me about RM25/sepasang [4 meters] ..
I bought 2 pasang and of course this fabrics are suitable for my baju kurung..

I also buy Chiffon Fabric RM10/meter and I bought for 2 meters..I'm planning to make an outerwear with this chiffon fabrics.

For this Kain Pasang we bought with Ringgit Malaysia...remember that they also accept Ringgit Malaysia at certain place..
mostly for shopping purpose not for food..

4) Telekung

I also got new Telekung from Vietnam cost me about 450.000 Vietnam Dong
I choose maroon colour for my Telekung with 21 flower..
for those who always buy a Telekong sure understand what I mean..hehehe..

Buying a new telekung is a MUST at Vietnam because you can get a lot of design with different colour and fabrics..the price also cheaper compare to Malaysia..So, It is worth it to buy one!! 

5) Sandals

This brown sandal cost me about 270.000 Vietnam Dong
and the bling-bling sandal was 80,000 Vietnam Dong only

Both sandal are very comfortable for me..

Overall, I was satisfied with what I bought at Vietnam because all item I will wear and used them..
I only exchange about RM500 to Vietnam Dong but certain items I also bought using Ringgit Malaysia..
My shopping cost about RM500+++ I guess!!!  Worth It or Not?

Let me conclude that this shopping haul I buy 3 handbags, 6 blouse/top, 5 Kain Pasang, 1 new Telekung and 2 sandal..hahahaa..
and not to forget a Souvenirs for my friends..Dear My Friends, please claim your souvenir while stocks last! HAHAHAA..

I will update more about My Journey at Vietnam soon...

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. cantik cantik nya kain pasang, eee bestnyaaa!

    1. kasin pasang dekat sana banyak jugak pilihan..harga pun murah2..

  2. kat sana mesti harga brg murah2 kan...boleh shopping byk2 !! suka handbag yang pika beli tu...cantik2

    1. boleh tahan murah-murah jugak laa..
      thank you kak liza..handbag dia pun banyk design yang cantik-cantik..

  3. Semua Cantik2 nya.. suka semua.. :)