Friday, February 27, 2015

WIW: Rough side of me


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
WARNING!! You might see my bare-naked face in this picture that will make you feel unpleasant. Hahaa..
This outfit I'm wearing during my Bali Travelogue. Outfit that I wore before I leave Bali and come back to Malaysia. You can see my rough side here. Hahhaa.. Normaly I might seem soft and more femine kinda image but most of the time I'm rough babe! trust me, Hahahaa.. I match my grey skirt with my favorite pair of shoes from Asics. My friends introduce to me about this shoes and they recommended to me to get one and I finally did. I wore this shoes a lot during my travel. Here some tips you might need when you're travelling. Go get yourself some shoes. I mean comfortable shoes.! Because you will do a lot of activities during your vacation so you have to make sure your feet are in comfort zone! It is also important to get yourself a comfotable cloth according to the weather as wel. If you going to place that humid weather like Bali get something with absorb and thin material. Do not wear layers! Hahaha. I just wear my blouse all the time. I hope this help ;)

What I Wear:-
Scarf: Flea Market
Blouse: Time Square [past 5 years ago. Hahaa..]
Skirt: Unbranded
Handbag: Vincci
Holding Bag: Roxy
Bracelet: H&M
Shoes: Asics Gel-Zaraca 3

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Beauty: Real Technique Expert Face Brush


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
As far by. I have share with you my Real Techniques Brushes. You can check out my Real Techniques Core Collection and Real Techniques Blush Brush review. I mention on my Blush brush review that I also purchase Real Technique Expert Face Brush and here is the review about this brush. As far as you concern that I'm not a person who enjoy applying foundation or base makeup using brushes. I'm not! because I prefer to use sponge instead cause it help me give a flawless finish. When I discover about this expert face brush from Real Techniques I was so excited to try this out because a lot of beauty gurus say this brush will help you give a flawless finish in applying you foundation. So, I decided to purchase this. And as far by I used this a lot! Hahahaa..

This is how the brush looks like. It come with light weight extended aluminium handle with orange kinda color which you know this is how Real Techniques brushes role. It have black rubber at the end as usual and it can self-standing which easy for storage.

It is look pixel-perfect even in harsh light as it claim

The bristles is synthetic and 100% cruelty-free as the same goes to the other Real techniques Brushes. If you notice the bristle were design it buffing motion but at the same time it flat not round kinda type.

Real Technique Expert Face Brush come with synthetic bristle which I love synthetic brushes because it is soft and it will help in holding the product very well. I have used this with both base type either liquid or cream type and this expert face brush help me blends all the product very well and smooth. This brush is dense with slightly domed brush head makes it easy to apply and blend foundation in buffing motion. Because this brush is soft and dense it help in giving your skin a flawless finish but I do find a streaking line sometime but it is minimal. Depending on how your technique in handling the brush. But to face the true if you apply your foundation with any brushes it will leave some streaking lines but with this brush it minimum maybe because of the soft and dense bristle. The bristle totally soft against my skin but slightly harsh compare to the blush brush or buffing brush maybe because the dense of bristles.

Price: RM43.00
Whete to buy: Luxola

This brushes is totally affordable to get. I got mine at Luxola. You have to purchase this really really fast at their website because it always sold out when they restock new stock and maybe that day I got lucky and directly purchase this. This is kinda problem we Malaysian faced with to find the availability of this product. Some other online shop they selling this Real Techniques brushes like a really expensive price which not worth to have. This brushes is supposed to be one with affordable price tho. but you have to find one online shop with a great deal. I do notice that sometime Groupon also have a deal selling this brushes you might need to be updated with it even more. If you have tried this brushes before let me know what it your opinion about this brushes? I want to know as well. Thats all, I hope this review help you :)

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

FASHION: Mapei × Monki × Marawa


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Monki is delighted announce that it has teamed up with two inspiring female artists for thier spring 2015. Mepei and Marawa. Mapei is a singer and Mawara is the world record holding hoola hooper. It has been along - standing mission at Monki to empower young women and highlight the importance of friendship, so it comes as little surprise that the brand would choose two successful artists and long-term friends to be the faces of their spring denim collection. 

“Monki is great at promoting young women,” says Mapei. “It’s a quality that really resonates with me, so when this collaboration came up it felt really special.” This new collection takes Monki denim to a whole new fashion level with long white denim coats, flight suits and new denim accessories. It also includes an extended range of their popular jeans styles Ikmo, the cropped boyfriend fit, and Kimomo, the mom jean, in spring washes. “As a denim designer, I see the fabric’s versatility,” says Martin Gustavsson, Collection Manager and Concept Designer of Monki Denim. “ This season we wanted to show our customers just how adaptable and fashion worthy denim really is.” The collaboration will launch in store in mid - February and will feature the two friends wearing their favourite pieces from the collection. Monki is now becoming one of my favourite brand. I love their collection and suitable to wore in Malaysia with a unique design they have. 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FASHION: Modern Classics Style Essentials at H&M - Clean Lines and Feminine Shapes


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
H&M Spring 2015 collection embark the elegance and versatility is the key to a collection of city essentials. It’s a range of clean lines, quality materials and feminine shapes that are set to become new women’s wear classics. There’s a particular focus on fabric, with pieces in linen, suede and silk. The collection will be available in selected H&M stores from March 12, as well as online. At the beginning of the season, it’s crucial to set the foundations for the months to come. Each piece in this collection works as part of a city look, yet is versatile enough to wear for leisure time, at weekends, and even on holiday as the weather begins to warm. It’s the details that count, with new ideas for dressing that will bring a feminine precision to everyday style. 

THE SOFT TUX A fluid cream one-button tuxedo blazer is best worn with the sleeves slightly rolled, and is given a new twist when worn with matching wide knee-length shorts. 

THE UTILITY JACKET Large pockets and a gathered waist add character to this linen utility jacket, which is collarless with an oversized feel – the perfect coat for spring. 

THE PRINT DRESS This silk dress is ready for the warmth of spring, cut low in the arms and slit at the front. It’s printed, and then embellished with aged metallic beads and sequins. 

THE QUILTED ZIP-UP A quilted zip-up bomber is made from a lush floral jacquard, adding femininity to an urban essential style. 

THE WRAP JACKET With a cut inspired by judo outfits, this linen wrap jacket offers a soft new take on tailoring. 

THE OVERSIZED BLOUSE Cut long enough to be worn as a dress on its own and with exaggerated cuffs, this update of the masculine shirt is a new city essential. 

THE SUEDE BOMBER Mix masculine with feminine with a suede bomber jacket, either dressed down with jeans or contrasted with a dress and heels 

THE FLUID SUIT Soften tailoring by pairing a collarless belted printed silk jacket with matching printed silk trousers, inspired by loungewear but perfect as everyday wear.

Which one is your favourite? Thinking to get one for myself..Wuuhuu~

Till then, xoxo

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Beauty: Golden Rose Makeup


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Yeayyy! Today I'm going to make a review for all product here. I was introduced with the new cosmestic brand that is Golden Rose. Another amazing cosmetics that suitable for muslims. It is Halal!

Golden Rose Cosmetics is the main brand by Erkul Cosmetics in Turkey. it is been over 30 years for this brand and well-known in Europe. They manufacturing their own products. After being a huge waves in Europe and now Golden Rose Cosmetics has finaly enter to Malaysia's market. Wohoo~ Golden Rose Cosmetics come with an elegant packaging, Promise that they provide quality cosmetics and affordable pricing as able to covert all Malaysian into makeup lover [like me]. So are you ready to enchanted with Golden Rose Cosmetics? Eheee~

1. Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipsticks
Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipsticks
Price: RM20.00
Net Weight: 4.2g
#09 - matte sand pink
#10 - matte dusty pink
#12 - matte dark dusty pink

Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick is high pigmented and matte velvety finish. It smoothly glides, nourishes and hydrates your lips because it contained moisturising agent and vitamin E in the formula. This lipstick come with 27 rich shade from pure red and nude. The formulation is paraben free and dermatologucally tested. I tried 3 different shade from their collection that is #09, #10 and #12. I like that the fact shade #09 and #10 is more nude side and it completely gorgeous color. As for #12 it is suitable for daily wearing. I like it so far, Among all the product I got this is definitely the star among all. Hehee.. I've try it and so far lasting about 3 hours on my lips. It is matte yet keep your lips hydrated. NICE!

2. Golden Rose Dream Eyebrows Pencil
Golden Rose Dream Eyebrows Pencil
Price: RM15.00
Net Weight: 0.25g
Code: #307
Shade/Color: Taupe Brown

Another STAR product from Golden Rose that I like. The eyebrow pencil that expresses your eyebrow natural form and shaping brush are all in one to complete your make-up perfectly. Eyebrow brush is included at the cap of this pencil. This is a pencil type so you need to sharp it as usual but what make me surprise is that I used it for 2 weeks already but the eyepencil it not really blunt. interesting! At first you see it you'll think it is in a creamy foam but it is not. I really like it because it help me to draw my eyebrow naturally. easy to handle with as well.

3. Golden Rose Waterproof  Retractable Eyeliner
 Golden Rose Waterproof  Retractable Eyeliner
Price: RM22.00
Net Weight: 0.31g
Code: #01
Shade/Color: jet black

Eyeliner is a must have for everyone am I right. Because it will help to enhance your eye daily. Golden Rose Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner is practical eyeliner that easy to used because you don't have to sharp it just twist it. The formulation of this eyeliner is waterproof. Glides easily and smooth on my eyeline. The formulation helps it to lasting well for your routine day.

4. Golden Rose Silky Touch Blush-On
Golden Rose Silky Touch Blush-On
Price: RM22.00
Net Weight: 6g
Code: 203
Shade/Color: frosty nude

Hype with this blush. I'm not really a blusher type of person but this is make me wear one. I like the fact that the color is so nice. It is like nude orangy kinda blusher that suitable for daily wearing. The silky and soft texture help in better application. Make your cheeks more luminous and glamorous. Golden Rose Silky Touch Blush-On are available in a lot of different shades. 

5. Golden Rose Sexy Black Mascara
 Golden Rose Sexy Black Mascara
Price: RM35.00
Net Weight: 8.5ml
Color: black

A new Golden Rose Sexy Black Mascara come with unique ruvver wand/brush design that able to lift and coat each individual lashes with infinity volume, dramatic, length and excellent black. No fear of clumping because it is innovative formula lifts and volumizes your lashes for the maximum final effect. This is not waterproft mascara the slight things that make me sad because I tend to be sweaty a lot so I need waterproof mascara. But the rest of it was great. Sincerely I really like how it make my lashes longer and volume yet look natural. I just hope they will come out with waterproof formula soon. Ehee~

I used Golden Rose Cosmetics product that I mention as to create this look.

Mind that all product made from Turkey yahh. I like it overall. I used their eyebrow pencil and blusher frequently. Hahaa.. I hope you like my review and find it helpful for you.
You can get this product on their websites now:
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VLOG KL Shopping Haul by Wiida Ribbon featuring me


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
How are you guys so far? I hope you stay wonderful as ever. Last 2 weeks if I'm not mistaken I go to KL for shopping with my partner in crime that day non-others than Miss Wiida Ribbon. Actually in the morning we went for a movie time watching Jupiter Acsending and Thanks to Coca-Cola Zero for that. After the movie, We go for shopping and having our meals together. I go to Pavilion when there is any events or when I want to find my Makeups. I don't really shopping for handbag and cloths there because it will cost me about RM10K for one handbag which I don't have 10K right now, Hahahaa..or maybe I will soon, In Sha Allah.!Doakan ye;) I guess I have to work hard for it. Hahaa., Some people might think that "Ohh! look at that girl bajet-bajet shopping dekat Pavi" . Well, I don't mind of it. I do shopping at Pavilion,KL but I only buy what I can afford and not pretending to be a rich b*tch. Hahaa.. Lalalalalaa~

My lovely gedik partner, Miss Wiida gedik make a VLOG about our Shopping at KL that time. The video was recorded in my car during a heavy traffic jem. Well, You don't wanna mess with traffic jem in KL. Hahaa. It was so spontaneous she recorded it and I was busy driving pun sibuk-sibuk interframe! We spend out time like about 9 hours that day and I'm totally having a great time and happy with what I purchase. If we meet we will turns to gedik-gedik girls which I have to admit it and we first will go hunt for makeup all the time. Sharing our story together and gossipss.. Opppsss! Hahahaa...

Do check her Youtube Channel because she now active and share a makeup tutorial for you girls. 
I have to admit that she is my best buddy and makeup guru! Sifuuu~

By the way, watching this video is at your own risk! I've WARNING you. Don't regret it ;)

Once you watch this video you will find that how gedik we are. This is us in reality! Hehehehehee.. Well, Thats what happen when we meet! Even my classmate pun shock when I turn so girl-ish.. Hahaa.. because normally I would just rather laugh and do prank to my other friends at my Uni. Lalalalaa~ This is how girl role. At least we not fake-off or anything. This is us, It is up to you to accept or not. Know us first before you judge. By the way, I love youuu Miss Wiida Gedik :P

Till then, xoxo

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