Friday, February 27, 2015

Beauty: Real Technique Expert Face Brush


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
As far by. I have share with you my Real Techniques Brushes. You can check out my Real Techniques Core Collection and Real Techniques Blush Brush review. I mention on my Blush brush review that I also purchase Real Technique Expert Face Brush and here is the review about this brush. As far as you concern that I'm not a person who enjoy applying foundation or base makeup using brushes. I'm not! because I prefer to use sponge instead cause it help me give a flawless finish. When I discover about this expert face brush from Real Techniques I was so excited to try this out because a lot of beauty gurus say this brush will help you give a flawless finish in applying you foundation. So, I decided to purchase this. And as far by I used this a lot! Hahahaa..

This is how the brush looks like. It come with light weight extended aluminium handle with orange kinda color which you know this is how Real Techniques brushes role. It have black rubber at the end as usual and it can self-standing which easy for storage.

It is look pixel-perfect even in harsh light as it claim

The bristles is synthetic and 100% cruelty-free as the same goes to the other Real techniques Brushes. If you notice the bristle were design it buffing motion but at the same time it flat not round kinda type.

Real Technique Expert Face Brush come with synthetic bristle which I love synthetic brushes because it is soft and it will help in holding the product very well. I have used this with both base type either liquid or cream type and this expert face brush help me blends all the product very well and smooth. This brush is dense with slightly domed brush head makes it easy to apply and blend foundation in buffing motion. Because this brush is soft and dense it help in giving your skin a flawless finish but I do find a streaking line sometime but it is minimal. Depending on how your technique in handling the brush. But to face the true if you apply your foundation with any brushes it will leave some streaking lines but with this brush it minimum maybe because of the soft and dense bristle. The bristle totally soft against my skin but slightly harsh compare to the blush brush or buffing brush maybe because the dense of bristles.

Price: RM43.00
Whete to buy: Luxola

This brushes is totally affordable to get. I got mine at Luxola. You have to purchase this really really fast at their website because it always sold out when they restock new stock and maybe that day I got lucky and directly purchase this. This is kinda problem we Malaysian faced with to find the availability of this product. Some other online shop they selling this Real Techniques brushes like a really expensive price which not worth to have. This brushes is supposed to be one with affordable price tho. but you have to find one online shop with a great deal. I do notice that sometime Groupon also have a deal selling this brushes you might need to be updated with it even more. If you have tried this brushes before let me know what it your opinion about this brushes? I want to know as well. Thats all, I hope this review help you :)

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  1. i'm using the same brush too and it's perfect!

    1. Yihaa! Great that we have the same opinion mieza! HI-FIVE! hehehe..