Friday, September 12, 2014

Beauty: Real Technique Core Collection


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
I owned Real Technique Core Collection on May this year and I love using it until I realize that I have to share this with all. I know you've heard a lot of review about it already but now I also want to do it cause this brushes is soo great. I buy this on pre-order from my friend which she does not have any online shop or anything. It just that she buying this direct from the Real Technique website and I pun tumpang sekaki since I don't know how to shop online from overseas which is good cause if I know I will shopping like crazy. Hahahaa. I paid for RM70 for this set brushes including the shipping and I guess it is quite cheap if you can compare to any online shop that selling this up to RM90-RM100 and above. This is my first brushes from Real Technique and as expected they are amazing! Worth every penny I guess. *Tetiba menyesal tak beli banyak-banyak set sekali hari tu T__T

Real Technique Core Collection consist of 4 different brushes. It is consist of Contour brush, Pointed Foundation brush, Detailer brush and Buffing brush.  This four amazing brush is totally good and does it work really well. These brushes has their own functioning works. In this collection it also have a case where it really flexible and friendly for travel. 

The panoramic brush case is 2 in 1 where it can be a case and also can be a stand for the brushes. 

These brushes has synthetic bristles which is good when you want to apply your product cause it will hold the product well and also easy for application. What I like about this brushes is where the handle of this brushes it is not only cutr is also the extended aluminium that is light and make you easy to hold it when using. 

From Left-Right: Contour brush, Pointed Foundation brush, Detailer brush and Buffing brush.

Contour brush is helps you delicately apply your bronzer and contour you check bone and create a sheer soft finish. The shape of this contour brush is amazing and really help me to apply my bronzing powder. The brush is also soft.

Pointed Foundation brush is used for foundation application especailly for liquid type of foundation.. Since this pointed foundation is smaller size compared to the normal foundation brush I always used this to apply my concealer under my eye and any detail pars on my face. 

Detailer brush has many used of it. This brush is precision cut to effortlessly conceal any small problem area on my face. I do have a lot of spots that need to be cover but normally I rarely used this cause I'm not really detailing when apply my base. Hehehee..

Buffing brush is ideal or apply powder on my face. I used this brush a lot. I love apply my powder using brush rather then use sponge cause for me I want some sheer and glowy look so apply powder with this brush really help me to achieved that. This buffing brush also suitable for any mineral foundation because it is synthetic bristles. This brush have a good design and the dense is also good.

If you asking about my favorite in this Real Technique Core Collection is goes to Buffing Brush and Contour brush. The moderate one is Pointed Foundation brush and followed by the Detailer brush. 

Overall, I guess this brushes is really good! I will collect them more soon. My next wishlist is The Blusher Brush, Expert Brush and Retractable Powder Brush. If you are looking for this brush makesure you find the original one okay. You can visit Luxola website to purchase them but Sold Out very fast so hurry up!

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  1. I have this set too! My favourite is the Buffing Brush. It's unfortunate that RT doesn't have this solely. You can buy Real Techniques from Quite easy peasy process :)

    1. Wahh! interesting. Thank you for the info dear. Hehehe...

  2. I love this set too! <3 you should try RT sponge, memang best gile eventhough ye la, kata tak prefer pakai sponge, but after pakai sponge RT, you will feel like THE WORLD IS YOURS!

    1. Yahh! Sepp sikit.. hehehee..
      Ouhh, okay.. I will try the sponge. Will include on my wishlist also.
      Thank you for your suggestion..Hehee..