Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Latest British collection RIVER ISLAND, NEW LOOK and LOLA SKYE at Zalora


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

How was your day? I hope everyone doing so well. Last night I was invited to The GREAT Week Reception. Last night was amazing. I'm finally had a chance to join an event after a few month cause I was doing my intership. Good to be back! Hehee. I want to mumble about fashion here. 

 The Great Britain featuring the latest British collection RIVER ISLAND, NEW LOOK and LOLA SKYE at Zalora. This event were held at British High Commission Kuala Lumpur at 8.00 pm last night. This year, 18 British brands have joined the trade mission to Kuala Lumpur and will also explore the market opportunities in neighbouring Singapore. This events is where they introduce of several new British brands that have recently set up in the Malaysian market. Some of the notable British brands include fashion labels Lola Skye, New Look and River Island, which are exclusively available on Zalora

Here some sneak peak of the collection from RIVER ISLAND, NEW LOOK and LOLA SKYE. .
. . 
RIVER ISLAND, tailored for the stylish women and men, boys and girls, the phenomenal label for urban wear is definitely a gem in the fashion scene. One of the kind and tagged with a reasonable price, River Island surprises everyone with freshly made design every week.

NEW LOOK is a hight street fashion brand from Europe to Middle East. New Look bringing a new vibe to Malaysia's fashion world. Inspired from the runaway, New Look collections are ready-to-wear for any occasion. Weather it's a party, working attires or just casual hand-put with friends. 

LOLA SKYE revolves around the same theme that is filled with a bohemian spirit, romantic, vintage and a hint of street style touches. It is made for the girl who is care free, run and has an effortless attitude. the combination of pastel and slightly gritty bright colours represents a women's feminity and ladylike personality. 

 Here is were the fashion show begins.

Here are the some photo that I able to snap from the Fashion Show last night. 

Meeting this beautiful ladies last night. From left is Alyssa, Shivani, Edazs, Kelly Sunchine, Suzai, Suzie and Me. I look like a balloon standing next to this beautiful ladies. Fuhhh!

meeting her again. Amber Chia and her cute son. Friendly as always :)

Kelly Sunshine, Syafiqah Hashim and Sizzling Suzai
*saja nak tulis nama penuh. Kekekee..

Kak Suzai lagi..kekekeee..

With Monsor's Twins. Glad to meet them!

Typical me!

I hope you enjoy reading this. If you're looking for any new dress or in a mood for shopping now. You can check out Zalora website now! www.zalora.com.my

Thank you for reading this 



  1. hoi hooi hoii haiyoo cam x ikhlas je syum yyg gmbo no 2 hahhaha aloohhh nnt blk cuti rodger2 ok!! always nice to be with u dear :)

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