Friday, February 13, 2015

Beauty: Real Techniques Blush Brush


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Who don't know Real Techniques Brushes right. I like it soo much. The brushes are totally good and come with an affordable price. To be honest that I'm not a kind of person who would spend Hundreds of Ringgit [money] for just one brush cause I may not as rich as you are. Ngeee. So, I purchase this brush on September last year [2014] if I'm not mistaken. I heard so many good things about it. Real Techniques Blush Brush was among star product they have. So I started find one for myself. Since it is really hard to find a trusted any random online shop and I'm glad that Luxola selling Real Techniques product. But sometime certain items that I want already sold out. Sobss.. And a very fine one day when I was browse Luxola websites and I notice they restock the Real Tecnique blush brush and also expert face brush. Without any hesitation I click buy and directly order and make a payment for it. By the time this brushes arrived I was so happy. Excited to use it. Wuuhuu~

I want to share my experience regarding this Real Techniques Blush Brush and my point of view about it.

This is how the brush looks like. It come in a pink extended aluminum handle with black rubber on the bottom which make it easy to grip and hold it. This brush is actually quite light not heavy type

Synthetic bristles are hand-cut and it claimed that this is 100% Cruelty-free

Close up view for the bristles.
As you can see that the design of the bristles is like a tear-drop shape that suitable for contouring.

A simple word I can describe about this blush brush is kinda all-in-one brush. I love the fact how puffy this brush is. It is really soft that make you feel fabulous when you used it. Hahaa. I know what a bad description but that is how I feel when I'm using it. Heheheee.. The bristles were synthetic type and I love synthetic brushes because it can help to hold the product nicely and smooth in application. Rather than that, the handle is so nice and easy to used when apply blusher onto your check. This blush brush can self-standing which is easy for you to put it on the table without worry the bristles part get dirty in time. I find out that this blush brush also suitable for powder application because this brush is so wide and puffy. With the bristles design that also can be useful to contouring you check with bronzer. I really like it. As I can say Sam really do a great job. I just loveeeee all Real Tecniques brushes. As you know that my first purchase of their product is the Real Tecniques Core Collection. As I mention earlier that I also purchase the Real Technique expert face brush. I will review it as well soon. If you ask me if this brushes is worth to have. I would say yeah if you love to wear blusher. It a must! Hahaa..

Price: RM43.00
Where to buy: Luxola

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this :)


  1. you r soooo beautiful
    wished that i got the confidence like u T_T

    and thanks for sharing hihi
    would love to buy that brush too hihi

    1. Thank you so much dear.
      You should try this brush. recommended.. ehee~.

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