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Foodies: Tanah Aina Cafe, Shah Alam


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Last Sunday, on 7th February 2015, I joined a food review session organised by Hai Blogger [another blogger community in Malaysia]. This is my very first time joining an event with them. Supposed going with Nurfarhana Chek Saat but she last minute drop out because she was sick. Sakit gusi weyhh! Anyway I end up going there without any partner of crime. Kekekee.. Get well soon Fana. Also come with big thanks to Brother Halim. Thank you for invite me for joining :)

Have you heard of Tanah Aina before? Tanah Aina is a beautiful name for those who love nature. Commonly knowing because of the Eco Resort in the middle of jungle with everything well maintained. It is perfect place to relax and cozy place for family and friends get together. I never been there but really want if I had a chance because I love nature as well. You know what my study major in right [Plantation Management & Agrotechnology]. Nature is supposed to be preserved and care for future and next generation. Now Tanah Aina is moving to next step by opening a cafe called Tanah Aina Cafe. The cafe is located in Shah Alam Batu 3. Tanah Aina Cafe inspired by Puan Sri YG Berbhg To 'Puan Datuk Shariff Sabrina Syed Akil to complete her love to nature. Tanah Aina Cafe is the ideas with her daugther, Farhana. This cafe has become a place to visit for the food hunter not only because of the concept and layout found in the cafe but because of the delicious food served.

The design of this cafe were nice where all furniture layout is neat, beautiful decoration and the use of natural colours in every corner, so it feels a touch of nature to seep into the soul of visitors. Great ambience, parking is easy and most importantly serve with delicious food. Puan Sri YG Berbhg To 'Puan Datuk Shariff Sabrina Syed Akil as a President of PEKA [Pertubunhan Pelindung Khazanah ALam Malaysia] which she is beat known as a hardcore environmentalist, she feel needs continue to share with the public on her interest and the way how to appreciate our beautiful natures.

Particular about the ingredients used in every food serve to the customer, the food served is totally natural and do not use preservatives and artificial flavours. The food served fresh to the customers. The natural ingredients also to nourish the taste for the dishes prepared. The food will be served the same exact as you see in the picture. You can see the creative idea of food presentation that served in Kuali, Batu Lesung and so on. Just to warning you before you continue scroll because it will full with a food picture that going to make your taste buds going crazy just by seeing the picture! Hahaa..

Aglio Olio - RM18.00
 Nasi Goreng-RM15.00
 Fettuccine Carbonara-RM18.00
 Nasi Lemak with Rendang - RM13.00
 Mee Goreng - RM15.00
 Lamb Shank - RM39.00
 Nasi Briyani Lamb - RM23.00
 Mee Hoon Goreng - RM15.00
 Pizza - RM20.00
 Cucur Udang - RM7.00
 Bread Cicah - RM8.90
 Pengat Durian with Pulut - RM12.00
 Apple Pie - RM13.00
Carrot Cake
Cakes - RM9.00/slices
Special Tea Set - RM38.00
This is the most excited about where they serve desert in Congkak! come set with guli so, after done with the food you can continue playing congkak. I really like this idea of showing Malaysian traditional style.

Don't forget to taste Puan Sri own favorittes such as Kiuh Lopis, Pengat Durian and other traditional cakes. Incomplete to Tanah AIna Cafe if you are not tasted the cake which is bake and made by Puan Sri.If you are lucky, maybe your lunch or dinner will be prepared by the cafe owner herself.  Tanah AIna Cafe not only provides cuisine featuring international cuisine but also provides traditional Malaysian dishes such as nasi lemak, curry me, mee hoon soup and more. Remarkably nasi lemak in Tanah AIna Cafe, anchovies are usually to be one ingredient nasi lemak was exchanged with salted fish that will surely open appetite. The food price in Tanah Aina Cafe is very affordable with a very pleasant atmosphere and give peace of mind to enjoy dishes prepared with your loved ones.

 with Puan Sri YG Berbhg To 'Puan Datuk Shariff Sabrina Syed Akil

my very first time meet them..
from left, Kak Leny Adam, Maria, Bella , Hannah and me

*credit to Hai Blogger and Brother Halim.

*credit to

group photo is a MUST!

Thank you Tanah Aina cafe make me kenyang for the whole day. Believe it or not thats the only meals I have that day because I'm realy full and kenyang that day. My choice that day is Pengat Durian with pulut. Love it. Totally recommended this if you coming to this cafe. should try it!

What are you waiting for? If you have time do pay a visit to Tanah AIna Cafe. I bet The Chef & the whole family of Tanah AIna Cafe await you with the sweetest smile.

Tanah Aina Cafe
Wisma Tanah AIna
No1 Jalan Mesra 1
Taman mesra Batu 3
shah Alam Selangor

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  1. Eeeeeee jealous much ! Ruginyalah tak dapat nak attend. Kalau tak semestinya kita boleh berkenalan bersua muka. Hehehe.

    p.s : penuh reading list dengan Tanah Aina. T_T

  2. Cute je gambar masa tengah makan tu ...hehehehe.... dan sememangnya pengat durian adalah menu kesukaan pilihan ramai....