Monday, February 09, 2015

Travelogue: Bali Shopping Haul 2015


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Eheee~ Happy Monday everybody.. Ahaaa..When I writhing this entry I was listening to new favourite song from Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do. I like this song so much and I keep repeating it non-stop! Hahahaa. Based on the title I guess that this is my first Bali travelogue post and I want to start with an entry of sharing my shopping Haul to Bali. Bali does leave me with a great memories. Well, there is good and bad of course but I just want to remember the best part only. I don't really need to care about the rest of it lah kan. To be honest, I don't even change my own money that time. I used my dad and sister money. heheheee..Jahat kan! Anyway I love my dad and sister! Thanks Ayah and Along. NGEEEE~ I don't really buy much tho because my intention going to Bali is not shopping. I don't even set my mind for shopping I just think of my holiday. But by the time I reach there, I must think at least I need to buy something as a memories for me in Bali. So I buy one or two things everytime we stop at any shop. 

I mention that I don't really spend much during my holiday to Bali recently,
I just buy a few things as you can see on the picture.

As the first stop we make at the Seri Amerta Batik Collection. I made my first purchase that is Batik  hand-fan and Batik handmade selipar. Coincidently I purchase both in maroon color. I love the hand-fan because I know it will be useful for me here in Malaysia since I tend to get hot easily. As for the Batik handmade selipar I buy because it is handmade and nice. I don't think using it as for outside walk. Hewhewheww. I used it as my room selipar lahh. The second thing I buy is the Bali T-shirt that I bought at Widu Sari, Desa Batu Bulan. I like this T-shirt because the Bali written on it is 3D and bold. I choose one in black. The material was great as well. As for the rest I bought it at Krisna. This place famous for selling Bali souvenir at reasonable price. You can find a lot of things in there but you have to carefully choose what the best and worth to buy.

Here some souvenir that I bought for my friends. Since I have to many friend I just go with first come first served! Hewhewhewww.. So my dear friend you can claim you souvenir while stock last. Nothing much I can say just a simple souvenir I would like to give to my friends from Bali. At least I don't go with empty handed right. 

I guess that all. Damn! my mood not really well now. Period-pain attack! Sorry for not really organize story telling. Hehehee..

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this :)