Thursday, February 05, 2015

Beauty: MAC Ruby Woo [Retro Matte]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Say hello to Ruby Woo. I got this lipstick that I won from Giveaway from my blogger buddy Widda Ribbon, Malaysian Beauty Blogger. I'm so happy by the time she announce the winner of her giveaway. Well, I read her blog and learned a lot about makeup. I have to blame her due to any makeup splurge that I purchase recently. Hahaa.. Sorry Wiida! But sincerely she teach me a lot as well. Thanks for the quick lesson Wiida. I guess we need to do some bed-time-story makeup classes. Hewhewheww.. So, I personally picked this lipstick when I go to MAC Store with her at Pavilion last July 2014 and she suggest me to try this Really Boldly Red Lipstick colour that is MAC Ruby Woo. I love bright lipstick and of course I can't say no to red bold lipstick. After a few trials and I starts loving it. I will continue reviewing about this. You have to keep reading if you want to know it. My first impression about this lipsticks. By the way, Thank you Wiida for this lovely gift. Will sure join any of your giveaway soon babe! Hope your will be successful in future. Muahhh..

The packaging. Which I love it! Make me want to purchase even more and more.

It is really red. The red color is more equal to your bold red. Hahaa. 

As you can see the swatches of MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick you will find it hard on the first glide by it will turn beautiful after multiples glides.

This is how the MAC Ruby Woo on me.

On my first impression when I got this lipstick I was like. Oh My! It is super drying. When you try matte lipstick from MAC you know how drying it is but this Retro Matte is much drying than the Matte MAC Lipsticks collection. Ahaaa. You know how I feel on the first time. As I really have dry lips. So, I try again and this second time, I scrub my lips and put on my lip treat before apply the lipstick and it stand out amazingly and I don't feel any directly drying effect on my lips. So, here some tips that I can share or probably most of you know it already. You need to well scrub your lips using any lip scrubs of your choice and apply your lip balm/lip treat first as to ensure your lips is really to try this retro matte lipsticks. If you someone not really like this step you just like to directly apply your lipstick, I won't suggest this for you. Honestly! Hahaa. But the colour is amazing red. It is bold, vivid and superb colour that can help make your lips stand out even more! I love it tho so I don't mind to keep the scrubbing and apply lip treat steps. It has scent of candy same with others MAC Lipsticks collection. The colour of this lipstick will compliment on every skin-tone. It will suitable either you are in fair or dark shades. MAC Ruby Woo is highly pigmented lipstick color. As for the longevity it can awesomely stand out on your lips more than  6-7 hours. It is full coverage that help you to achieved a full red lips. This is based on my own experience of wearing this. I wore this on my shopping day It bold on my lips even I had my meals on, drinks and snacks over. If you really looking for awesome MAC Red lipstick I would suggest this. I don't know how to describe it even more cause I think I love it tho. Yahhh~

Product details:
Code: Ruby Woo
Shade: Deepen-Medium Dark Red
Net/Quantity: 3g

*by the time I got this the price was RM68

Where to buy:
MAC Store

I guess that all my review about MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. I hope my review will help you either to own it or not. I will actively do more and more review after this, Even right now I still in my breakout I just hopping that my skins will turns out good soon. I really do. Just hoping you have a great day ahead. Byee~

Till then, xoxo

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