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What's Up PENANG: [DAY2] Check-out from Queen's Hostel and Jalan-Jalan Georgetown & Bukit Bendera


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Morning face! Hahaa..Budak tak cukup tidur. As I mention in DAY 1 Post I will story about the Queen's Hostel more details. Basically what I know about this Hostel is that this hostel is only for Female. They will place all female in one big room that have their own partition or slot for each bed. Everyone will get one bed. They have 2 toilet/ bathroom and this have to be share but don't worry their bathroom is clean. Not as a normal hostel as we imagine. Hahaa.. I don't know the actual payment for this because it is in dollar but if convert to Malaysian Ringgit Kak Suzai said is about RM64++ lah for one night per person. 

They even have a space for us to enjoy or relax have a talk with your friend. But to be remind. You need to be silent after 11pm. as to respect others as well. 

I was in the middle way for all beds. 

with Kak Waniechan. Our morning face ! Teeheee~

This is their mirror side, for us to perpare ourself. To put on some makeup or belit2 tudung and belit2 rambut things like that. Hahahaa. They provide towel for each person. Also have hair dryer and baths equipment. DAMNNN! the mirror is huge. Like it even more. Hahaaa..

before I leaving. Tadaaaa~ Mine was in the gold color, kak suzai silver and Kak Wanie is red curtain. 

Some decoration in here. At their lobby.

They even have small kitchen for us to make some coffee or make some snacks. 

Basically we cannot bring foods upstairs where we sleep but we can eat at the place in the lobby. 

Leave my JEJAK in here. To show that I've been here tho. Lalalalaaa~

After we  done with check-out. We go for breakfast and ready to go for Jalan-Jalan to find some interesting murals. 
We start to go our about 10.00am and able to find some near by famous Murals around Geogetown area. They have specific Jalan for each Murial but I don't really remember and I don't care ae ae ae ae ae ae [sound like 2ne1] because it was so damn hot! Hahahhaaa.. I don't even think wise that time because it is so hot make me feel uneasy and sweaty. 

 I get some souvenir a fridge magnet in this streets.

 Can you see how I force myself to smile in this hot situation. Arghhh! Hahahhahaa..
Just an advice if your really need to find each murals makesure your get out early like 8.00am maybe because the sun start to rise after 10.00am and it get more hotter by 11.00pm and imagine you have to walk in the middle of the street at 12.00pm! So Hot!  As we know how humid is Malaysia's weather. Or you can go in the evening time maybe after 5.00pm and above. Some advice, you might need to bring a hat and sunglasses or hand fan if you have one. Believed me you need that because each Murals located at different Jalan/road. So you need to walk from one place to another. And wear comfortable shoes. I did't bring my sports shoes so I wear selipar. But better then my wedges right. Hahahaa..

Okay, after done find all murals we heading to Bukit Bendera/Penang Hill ! Woohoo~ 

 We arrived at Bukit Bendera around 2.00pm I guess. I can't remember if I ever reach here or not but I think this is my very first time urghh. not sure if I go there when I was a kids. Donno lahh but Bukit Bendera here I come! Hahahahaa.. The normal tickets price for Adult [Malaysian] is RM10.00 and children [Malaysian] RM4.00. Best thing being student is the price for student RM4.00! Awesome nya murahhh..

queue for or turn and more selfies! 

 And we're on! I love enter this cable car because it is not hanging instead it is moving according to the road pathway. Not as scaring as cable car that hanging right. But I'm cool with both, I not that afraid for this. Hahaa..

By the time you reach to the Penang Hill you'll see this amazing view.

 Sarangheooo! Idea by Kak Suzai cause we act like we're in Namsan Tower lahh konon.. Bluwekkk!

Spotted yours? hahaa.. Cari lah sampai pengsan...

selfies is a must!

The view is wonderful! I like it here you can see Penang city from up here. The weather in here is changing accoridng to how many trees are there. Hahaha. Sekejap sejuk because of the wind and sekejap panas. Well, you need your sunglasses or hat tho. 

 We got to their foodcourts and get some cools ABC. ABC sedapp! I buy another fridge magnet for Penang Hill.

We ready to touch down.

 This is how the cable car looks like.

 Some poyoness pose before we leave! Hahahaa..

WOWW! I can't believed I've finish write about this Shortgetaway to Penang. You know lah when you go for Jalan-Jalan how many pictures you take and how many places you go. Hahaa. I still make myself strong as to finish up this entry. Overall,I'm happy with this shortgetaway. We starts go back to KL at 5.00pm I guess. I'm having fun for this trip satisfied for what I'm looking for in Penang so far. Maybe I will go again to Penang soon I guess and go some places that I don't get a chance to go that time. Or you can suggest me any places in Penang that awesome to visit maybe. Eheee~ I guess that all. I need to get my sleep now. Because I got a flight to catch tomorrow morning. Wuuhuu~ Holiday with beloved family. I will update more soon. Follow my instagram for instant and fast update! Love yahhh. Bye byeeee...

Till then. xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)


  1. Hostel tu sempoi nya.. pastu akk pun pernah mkn ABC kt bukit bendera tu..hehe..

  2. thank you sis for this entry...tempat yg best for my vacation list..hihi

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  4. sapa kawan yg pakai tudung biru lagi sorang tu....<3

  5. sapa kawan yg pakai tudung biru lagi sorang tu....<3