Friday, January 30, 2015

What's Up PENANG: [DAY 1] Check in to Queen's Hostel and Jalan-Jalan Padang Kota Lama & Batu Ferringhi


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
 Hellooooo Penang! Ahaaa~ you can see how excited I was when writing this post. If you following me on Instagram you'll know that I just spend my last weekend for a shortgetaway to Penang with Kak Suzai and Kak Waniechan. It's been 4-5 years ever since I went to Penang. Sangat lamaa~ So since I got here I will definately spend my time leisurely. Glad that Kak Suzai expert in planning and organizing of our trip that day. She do some research first before we reach Penang. Nice! Thumbs Up Kak Suzai, Pika bagi 5 bintang.. Eheee..By the way, I didn't bring my camera that day so all the photo were taken using my handphone and even more excited because I bring my Wide Lens so I can snap photo even wider! HAHAHAA.. Thank you my dear friend. Nurul Izyan for giving me this lens. Love it much!

 The first thing first after we went to Kak Asyik's wedding we go for change and take some rest, and pray at Mousque and after that we pick Kak Wani come away from Kedah at Butterworth Bus Station. Then we ready to spend our time together. Ohh ya! This is my first time meeting Kak Wani, she is a friend to Kak Suzai during her study time. Very nice and pretty. Easy to get going with I guess. Next, we reach to Queen's Hostel located at Lebuh Queen,Georgetown around 4.30pm. I never heard about this Hostel before but Kak Suzai suggest us to stay here since this Hostel were established for Female who love travel and safe for them. At the moment we arrived nobody there to entertain us because the person who incharge were going out or something I don't know. Glad Kak Suzai have made some reservation for three of us. So while waiting for about 15-20 minutes in front the door and finally we decide to go for Jalan-Jalan at Padang Kota first to save our time because we have to fully utilize our time there. Since it is only 2 days 1 night right. Ahaaa~

This is how the Hostel looks like. know if your frequent come to Penang you sure know this place right. By the way, the picture were taken after Jalan-Jalan Padang Kota and we officially check in around 7.30pm if I'm not mistaken. 

They give us the key card and button token as for the door safety, DAMNN! the security were good! They used a very technology security system so you don't have to worried about anyone that will interrupt or disturb you. 

This is me laying on my bed! Yahhhh... Love it even more..I will continue story about this Queen's Hostel more details on my check-out day [DAY 2]. Because I take more details picture of this Queens Hostel that day and Now I want to jump up to our Jalan-Jalan time at Padang Kota, Penang !

Ohh Ya! I just want to give a gentle reminder here.
This entry will full with picture, picture, picture and selfie, selfie, selfie!
So, I will let the picture talk. Okay ! 

Jang Jang~ 
We arrived at Padang Kota Lama. What is so special in here is their Pasembur! 
This Medan Selera Padang Kota Lama located near by the sea. So you can see beautiful view and so many people were here either with their family or friends. A lot of tourist as well. One of attraction place in Penang I guess. 

When in Penang you cannot miss to try out their Pasembur! I mean you must try their Pasembur because it is so delicious for me I think. But the rest of their food were just SO-SO. Makesure you don't order anything weird or common food because the price were expensive! Kak Suzai order Char Kue Tiaw price is RM8 but the amount is so small. Really small. Their coconut shake was not that good as well. I'm not really a fan of coconut shake but the best coconut shake have I tried was in Klebang, Melaka but here was not that good for coconut shake. Hahaa.. What an honest words Pika ! 

Thumb Up for the Pasembur. Kak Suzai and Kak wani are the one who choose the isi-isi. They choose ketam, sotong and some other stuff and it cost us RM33.00 for one plate. As my friend from Penang say that they never going to charge you below RM20.00. Now I know! Hahaaa..But the taste is quite satisfied for me. I like it tho so nothing much I can comment about rather then say Sedap! Hahaaa..This one plave we share for 3 people okayy. Hahaa.. After done eating we went for Jalan-Jalan... Weeeeee~~

Jalan la puas-puas yer. 

Uwahhh~ I'm definitely fall in love with this wide lens.. 
For those who lobe selfie I think you might need to own one as well. This lens is so helpful for you. trust me! Hahahaaa..Cause I'm a selfie loverr~

Padang Kota Lama, Penang.

Here the place where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends.

It's Magrib already, It is the time for us to take our step back to our Hostel.
Get some rest and take bath to get ready Jalan-Jalan at night..

We having our dinner at Kapitan Restaurant in the Georgetown City near by our Hostel. At first we're planning on having dinner at Batu Ferringhi but ensure either there is still stalls/restaurant open or not over there so we decide to have our dinner here plus Kak Suzai already hungry. Mann! You don't want to make her hungry or she will get angry. Kekekekee.. *Joking akak! Jangan marah haaa~ Hahahaaa..Kapitan is a restaurant of Arabic+Mamak I guess. Hahahaa.. We order Nasi Briyani Kambing and Roti Naan Cheese. Well, I don't know why but their service was not good that night maybe to many customer I guess. As for the taste is just Okay for me not that delicious or anything because I've taste much delicious Nasi Briyani and Roti Naan before. Hahaa. Another honest words Pika ! Hahaaa..

After dinner we go to Batu Ferringhi. Weehee~

Hahahaaa..! I know I know. Here the famous ship and I just can't stop laughing looking at gelagat kak Suzai and Kak Wani. Hahaa.. Sometime I feel like I'm the kakak kakak over there. Kekekekeee.. But they take a good care of me over there. Thank you so much for both sisters! By the way, both of my sister are still single and if you are interested do let me know. Eheee.. Promote pulak yerr~

 This is the main reason why we come away to Baru Ferringhi that night. Because Kak Suzai want to visit Penang Hard Rock Cafe. Hahaa. Snap "a few" picture and listen to a few song from outside only lahh. Hahaa. The band that night was awesome. All song they play was hits..

Hahaa.. Utilize our time very well until my "battery" low. Hahaa.
Before we go back to our hostel we stop by at Slow Rock Cafe. Hahaa! Having our supper not really supper lahh just have a drink and fries. 

What can I say that we really spend our One day very packed with activities. Hahahaa. Actually the one day is not full because we start Jalan-Jalan at 5.00 pm and considered as a half day lahh. Eheee..I will continue my next story to Penang for the next day activities on another entry. What I mean is to be continue......

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)


  1. Hostel tu awesome! Best nye jalan2! Bila kita nak meet up ni pika... >_<

  2. sakan diaorang berjalan ek.. thank you dtg aritu..:)

  3. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well. pearl harbor visitors bureau