Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beauty: Silkygirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner [DARK BROWN]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Eyebrow is a Frame of your Face! Makeup junkies should know that eyebrows is important as even for daily look. Hahahaa.. Any girl who have started to draw their eyebrow they will keep draw it and draw it because once you don't draw it you feel like you're "naked". You know what I mean right. Last two month I purchase Silkygirl Hi-Defination Brow Liner at Guardian and I've tried it myself. So, I decide to make a review about this product. So, let's get started~

Silkygirl Hi-Defination Brow Liner is quite different then the rest of my eyebrow pencil that I owned so far. This Brow Liner is almost similar with eyeliner where it can be easily be twisted and at the other end come with spoolie [brush]. I choose in a Dark Brown colour as to match my hair colour. Ehehee.. Joking! I have a very dark brown almost black hair colour and I choose this dark brown because this colour able to create a nice natural finish eyebrow look. So yeahh!
Price: RM21.90
Where to buy: Guardian, Watsons, Any Silkygirl Counter

This is the closer look for the brow liner. It is retractable type which is quite similar to eyeliner but slightly bigger in size and have a angled tip on it. The angle tip were design as to help in a better application. The good about this is that you don't have to sharpening, you just need to twisted it all and makesure don't twist it to long or it going to break. This brow liner is kinda creamy type for me at first because it is hard to used it well until I practice using it for several of times and now I know how to handle this brow liner well. Hahahaa. Maybe I'm quite slow on doing this. Well, I'm not an expert tho~

On the other end, It have this spoolie that come with a transparent cover for it. Which I like it because this help in terms of hygienic-kinda thing. I like this spoolie because it is so soft and help me to blends the brow liner well and arranging the eyebrow hair in order nicely.
Sorry if my face seem like sick-kinda face. Hahahaa..

I must say that this brow liner is not so practically good for newbies. I would suggest this but you have to learn a few step first. Hehee.. It's okay, Practice make perfect! Even until now I still don't do my eyebrow perfectly. Hahahaa. It is creamy type which sometime annoys be a bit because you have to well applied it. Sometime I get my right side eyebrow to dark and the other side to fades and the other time, vise versa so yahh! it is quite tricky at the beginning.  But I like the colour that help me achieved a natural brow-kinda-look. Hahahaa.. I totally like the spoolie. It is soo soft and help me better in application. Thanks to the spoolie I guess because it help me to even out my eyebrow nicely. Since it is a retractable type so I guess that the size is slightly longer compare to any other eyebrow pencil that I owned even longer then my eyeliner size. But I'll get work with it. I guess that all what I can share about this brow liner. Remember to always define your brow. Have you try this before? Let me know your opinion as well.

Till then, xoxo

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  1. hahaha this is my favourite la pulak! hehehehe gone through belambak day :P

    1. yahh! Hahaa.. depends jugak kan Kak. But the spoolie memang best!

  2. my very 1st eyebrow pencil tauuu hahah sumenye harus berterima kasih kpd Sabi Puri LOL

    1. Hahahaa. Akak suka sangat sakat Kak Sabby lah!

    2. kuajaq betoi suzai ni!!! siap kauuuu. hahah

    3. Hahahaa.. Lawak la kakak kakak pika ni! Ada jewww~