Sunday, February 22, 2015

Beauty: NARS Afghan Red [Satin Lipstick]


Hello everyone !
I know it is holiday now. I hope it is not to late for me to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends especially Chinese friends. I'm doing nothing basically stay home clean up my room and organize my makeup of course. Hahaa.. So I decide to share one of my NARS lipstick. Oh yahh. As I have mention that I'll be going to Johor this weekend because my classmate's wedding I have to cancel that up because something coming up and I have to follow my dad instead for his sedara wedding to Melaka. Sobss.. I've planning soo many things to do in Johor tho. Maybe next time. Takde Rezeki namanya tuu~  Sorry terpesong pulak cerita. Let's get back to my review here. This is my very first NARS Lipstick that I purchase on June 2014 last year [if I'm not mistaken]. I choose the one that match with my lips color. I have a dark lips color especially on my upper lip, It is kinda dark  compare to my lower lip. But I have big lips to be honest. Hahaa. At first I feel shy to admit it until so many people keep saying the same thing and I keep denying it! Hahahaa.. 

The packaging is in black color come with a sleek design which I like it and have a white NARS's label on it. Look really nice. I just magine if I put all lipsticks together must be really beautiful! Hahaa.. I need to keep my saving to collect more soon. In Shaa Allah.

This is how the lipsticks looks like in closer.

This is a high end brand so the price is quite expensive for a lipsticks but you'll like it anyway. Hahaa.. When I purchase this the price were about RM90 but now increase RM1 become RM91. My recent purchase is the NARS Audacious Lipsticks [which I will review about his as well] It is their new lipstick collection and the price is RM96. Slightly RM5 more than their normal collection. Both are great for me so far and Audacious series come with newly packaging which much nicer than the normal one but both have pro and cons tho. I just okay with it! Hahahaa..

You can see that I'm not cleaning this very well when I'm taking the photo. Hahaaa.. Sorry for that. If you ever own NARS product you'll know the packaging looks like and how does it feel. You'll understand me.

This is the swatch of the lipstick on my palm. You can tell it is red with deep raspberry tone.

How it is glides on my lips. What do you think of this color?

hope you don't judge my posed there. hahahaa! Lalalalaaa~

Afghan Red is a color that I would discribe it more to vampy type but at the same time it is not that vampy It is kinda more to raspberry I guess and all I can say that it medium red in between raspberry and vampy. Yahhh! How hard for me explain. Sorry for terrible explanation everrr~ It is discribe as demure red color. and Nars websites say it is shades as a rich garnet. It is a lustrous lipstick with satin finish. come like a sliky color. It is creamier than MAC Satin finishes which I can say the same as MAC Amplified creme. Correct me if I'm wrong. Ngee~ Because that is how I'm feeling on apply it. Just express some of my toughs. I'm so comfortable using this by it own without apply any lip balm or any lip treat because this lipstick itself already moisture enough for my lips. Easy to apply and glide smoothly on lips. I agree with what they claim that it is ultra comfortable wear. Totally agree! It is claimed that this lipstick patented blend of conditioners and antioxidants gydrate and nourish which able to protect your lips. Since the colour is quite demure red and it match very well with my lips. It covers up all my dark lips nicely same goes with my lower lips which more red. It last very well. I've been wearing this and it last about more than 7 hours for me. after meals and everything. This lipstick nails it. I think it is also because of the colour itself. I will collect more soon just need to saving more. Hahahaa.. I hope you like my review and this review help you.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)


  1. this review do helps me sis!
    thanks hehe yah its more like vampy but not much more like raspberry but not that berry much hiks.

    1. Great that it's help you dear. Thanks for understanding how I'm explaining it. Hehehee..

  2. wowow~ really stayed on after meals? Awesome!! *starry starry eyes*

    1. So far I've tried it it does stay on my lips after a meals ;)

  3. The colour does look vampy to me. hehe I think it's gonna complement all skin tone.. though I'm not really into red lippies but I've always wanted a quick pick-me-up lipstick.
    Would you still pick this formulation over Audacious ones?
    Love, Mira |

    1. yahh. This color will compliment all skin tone. If you ask me about this between the normal one and Audacious? both are good have pro and cons tho. The Audacious series come with 40 different color while the normal one have several choice. depends on your color of choice ;)

  4. i wanted to buy these when i saw it on carousell but suddenly i terlambat and tak dapat beli XD thanks for the review pika, now dah nampak its real colour. insyaAllah ada extra money nnt boleh la beli ^_^

    1. what do you think of the color.? Nice right! I pun saving to buy this baby~