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Bali Travelogue: [DAY 1] Touch down to Airport, lunch at Malioboro and check in to Wina Holiday Villa, Bali


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Finally Managed to write about my Bali travelogue! If you been following me on instagram you will notice about this for sure because I've been spamming a lot of pictures when I was in Bali. I can upload a picture when I was in the hotel because thats the only place where I can get wifi. Hehee. My travel this time was with an tourism agency that my sister find. 3T Travel & Tours SDN BHD. This is also the same Travel agency we take during the Vietnam travelogue. When you are assign with Travel Agency normally they have provide you a package with activities that you will do. The package that we take is for 4 days and 3 night at Bali~  I will splits my Bali Travelogue into several entries since there is too many activities and story to share with my beloved readers so I decide to share with you guys in details! Really details about everything including the cost, budget, activities, and my own experience during my holiday at Bali. 

You can check out my outfit post HERE. Ehee,, Our flight was at 9.20am on 1 February 2015. As you can see on the flight ticket that we fly with Malindo Air. This is my very first time fly with Malindo Air. I can say that their seats a slightly comfortable compare to Air Asia or MAS. Oppss! Just in my opinion. Hehee. This is our first family holiday for this year of 2015. When with my family there so many things go. Hahaa. Never ending dramas and stuff! So just bare with it. Hahahaa.. For the flight tickets, my sister done the booking job and everything. She try her best to find the best deal as possible and she say Malindo Air have the best deals that time and the ticket plane cost about RM551 [economy class] for going back and forth from KL-BALI, BALI-KL. So that 1st February in the morning we wake up about 5.00am in the morning get prepare and by 6.00 am ready to move to KLIA and the check in door open about 3 hours before departure time for Malindo Air. 

 This is how my seat looks like. I advice you to bring your own earphone/headstes because they don/t provide any of it. Or maybe they did but you have to pay for it. Since I did not bring my earphone I end up watch Chennai Express in mute mood! T__T but this movie was so hilarious and starring the one and only Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. I can understand even without the sound because my brother explain it to me since he bring his. As for food as well they only provide snack and water for a meal you have to buy it on the plane if you want lahh. 

When you entering the Bali you need to fill up this 2 forms. One form will be hand over during arrival to Bali and the other one during departure out. Makesure you keep the form well and bring an extra pen as to fill in the form. As people get buzz about the tax when departure from Bali is true! You need to save up for 200IDR for tax departure from Bali. 

Touch down to Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali with smiles~

Once arrive we have to find our tourist guard among this crowd all this and finaly found it. Register under my sister name over there "Ms Syaqira Hashim"

The Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali have beautiful creative design. Showing the symbolic of Bali.

Le family! half from my big big family. 

To many luggage~

Our luggage were taken from different ride as you can see as in a small truck.

Our transport. 
best fit for this van is about 10-12 people but we going for 14 including the little cousin so slightly 'sempit' over there. Never do this if you are in travelling! make sure they provide you a comfortable ride. This is the slightly doomed for me because you will ride this van for the whole trips. TIPS here as to ensure they provide a comfortable rides for you. 

My tired face and forcing to smile with my dad. 
Once we arrive at the Airport of course we hungry! As write on the package as our travel agency that on the first day they only provide dinner as they expect that we will arrive by the evening time. Since we arrive by noon so they don't provide any lunch but we can request to out tourist guard to bring us to some Halal Restaurant as for lunch. He bring us to Malioboro Restaurant. 

This restaurant is famous with a chicken that come with edible bones! YES! Tulang dia boleh makannnn..

This is how the chicken looks like! I'm quite surprise because the bone really really soft.
1/2 chicken cost about Rp68.000
Whole chicken cost about Rp136.000

This is what they explained about this chicken! I can say I'm recommended this for you to try something different in Bali. As our tourist guard mention that this is the only restaurant selling this type of chicken and this is what make Bali special.

We arrived to our accommodation at Bali that is Wina Holiday Villa.

This is how the lobby looks like. I can't really snap a lot of picture of this hotel when I arrived. This hotel is quite nice and the design also delicate show about Bali. This is the 3 star hotel if I'm not mistaken. We muslim will also feel safe here nothing to doubt about. 

This is how the room looks like. One room can share for 2 person. I'm sharing my room with my cousin.

So, let's get back to the main here about budget and cost for my vacation with 3T Travel & Tours SDN BHD. The package that we take cost about RM625/person (3 star hotel & 7-12 pax) This package included with 3 night stay at 3 star Hotel with daily breakfast at Hotel. Since we choose for muslim pax we're recommended to check in to Wina Holiday Villa. This package also come with tourist guard that can speak in English and Malay[indon]. Our tourist guard introduce himslef as Pak Ketut. Well, I can say that he is friendly and easy to blend with my family but at some point that make me slightly dislike which I will tell you in detail on the next entry why and how what so ever~ 

This is Wina Holiday Villa from my room side view. Tadaaa~ you can see that I'm changing my cloth already and ready to round around to Bali~~

The full story will be coming up soon. Keep on reading if you are interested to know about Bali.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this :)

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