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Beauty: Sleek Blush by 3 in PUMPKIN


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
I've updated you guys about This Sleek Blush by 3 that I purchase on Luxola. You can check it HERE. Once I hand on this blusher I try to swatch it and I find out that it is so pigmented! Oh MANNN. I was quite surprise by the texture. I've tried Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palette (SUNCET) before and I know how pigmented is the product and I didn't expect the same to the blusher but it is. The color are so pretty! I like it so much. Well, the reason for the late review about this because as you know that I'm suffer from a breakout skin and now it is getting better and better and I hope it will gone soon. Aminnn.. Since my cheek are not so flawless and nice that time I was postpone this review. So now, I decide to make it and show how this blusher works. But warning that my skin not flawless as you are. I know! I'll be the number one person who will be Jealous of your skin now. hahaa.. But it is getting better then the previous so I've try my best to show you how this product goes. I hope you will like my review. Let's get started~

Blush by 3 from Sleek MakeUp is a blusher palette I guess. That contain 3 different blusher in one compact palette. The highly pigmented blusher that you only need to used it like for a light swatch when to apply. Each shade of blusher compliment with a variety of skin tone. It come with matte finish or glowing shimmer. You can choose depending on your mood and makeup looks.

This is how the packaging looks like. It is very compact and sleek nicely packaging in black color with "Sleek" label up top.

When you open up the compact case you'll see 3 different color of blusher and come together with mirror on the lip upper case. Which I like so much. The main reason I love Sleek palette! Hahaa.. It is just a beautiful black sleek compact.

Closer look for the three blusher. The one I'm choose is in a code PUMPKIN! So cute the name. When you mention pumpkin you'll expect this color for sure which come more orangy side. I will explain each color and go for swatches as well.

Here is the swatches of each blusher! Oh my! Love it~

P.Pie: The color is like a red berry with a fine shimmer in it.
Squash: The color is like a pink bubblegum and have fine shimmer
Lantern: It is like pure orange with matte finish

If you ask me to choose in order which will come first on my favorite list I just can't do it! haha. They all at the same level. It is depending on mood and makeup look that I want to make that day. I just love the color. This three color really compliment my skin tone so far. As for your information I'm only use a blusher for a certain occasion. Thats explain why I don't really have much blusher collection. I don't do blusher as my routine or daily look. So, if you saw me daily you will see me so simple and messy. Hahahaa. 

I don't know if you can tell the different on the picture but I can. You can see the different of shade 

I just love this blusher. it is worth every penny! At the first time of using this blusher I find that it is really hard to get the exact amount which not too much on you cheek because this blusher really really pigmented! I don't know how to express my feeling saying this blusher really really pigmented. Hahaha.. Sleek MakeUp never let me down so far as I've tried their product. But I never try their lipsticks tho. Will get it some day maybe. Hahaa. This blusher so so pigmented! [see I repeat the same thing over and over again. Hahaa..] with a light swatch you can apply for both apple cheek. Makesure you don't want to go hard with it or you'll get excessive product and end up you'll look like a clown because you cheek are too bright. Hahaa. You just need to ensure it come with smooth and nice look. It is long lasting even for me which I tend to get sweaty all the time and my skin type is oily. This blusher stay pun on my cheek until the end even my bronzing part already fades out. Thumbs Up for that. Again, I would like to mention that this blusher really really pigmented. you need to play with it very well. As a reminder for you. If you someone who don't like too bright or much blusher I won't suggest this. Like myself I don't really like it at the first time because the pigmentation are too much fo someone like me who does not really wear blusher but by the time I try to play with this blusher it getting better so far. Makesure you do with a light and slight swatch. I only apply blusher when I go out for a special occasion or event not for daily look [repeating the same thing again] Hahahaa.. I hope my review help you much. Do leave your comment down bellow if you have try this blusher before and let me know your opinion regarding to this blusher.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)

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