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Bali Travelogue: [DAY 1] visit Temple Uluwatu and watch performance call "Kecak Dance"


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Are ready to continue reading about my Bali Travelogue? Eheee..
As for the last time I write about the touch down and check in and this time I want to story about our activity on the first day in Bali. Why does my entry update at separate apart? Because I have toooo many pictures and I'm trying to chose and filter the best for all my readers so while you read my Bali Travelogue you can also experience this journey. Or maybe you could learn some tips that I want to share so if next time you want to visit Bali you know about something right. Well, to be honest. I don't really cover all Bali maybe I need more time to spend on Bali so I'll be able to do that. Teehee~

According to our travel schedule given by the travel agency, on the first day we don't really have any activity because they assume us arrive by evening since we arrive at noon so there is still time for us at Bali. Our tourist guard, Pak Ketut suggest us to go for a visit to place that does not include in the package activity. We have to add about Rp300000 for this visit. He bring us to visit Uluwatu Temple. When you reach Bali they will basically bring you to visit temples. But what excited about the temple is that it is located at beautiful place! The view! MasyaAllah!

Check out my Outfit post HERE. As you can see that we're ready to visit the temple. 


It is not the temple I excited about. It is the magnificent view!!! 
Masya-Allah! I was quite starstruck at the moment. The view was beyond beautiful!!

Before that you better watch out of this monkeys. There a lot of monkeys in this area so you need to keep your belonging is safe. They steal it if you don't. Avoid from wear any sunglasses because they will grab it from you. Trust me! because my Maksu almost kena. Hahaa.. *KELAKORR!

Here I am. You can see that we have to climb a lot of stairs as to reach at the temple site and along side that your eye will pleasure to watch this amazing view. Speechless~

weird pose of me. Hahaa..

Let me fefeling sikit :P

My hero

My maksu surely non-stop photobooming every picture. Hahahaa..

After enjoy sightseeing the view around the temple, taking pictures and selfies every corner and about 5pm Bali time, Pak Ketut says that by 6pm there will be a performance call Kecak Dance. So, after discussing with the family members, we decide to watch Kecak Dance. One of their traditional dance and some say that more like spiritual kinda thing. But I only hold for One and Only, Allah SWT! Ehee.. As for watching the Kecak Dance performance we also need to add up our own money to watch this. This show worth Rp100000/person if I'm not mistaken. 

Before the show begins. Selfie is a must! Thousand selfie in my phone already. Hahaa!

This is how the perfomance begins with. You will be suprise when they starting to sing "cak, cak, cak, cak, cak, kecak, kecak, kecak, kecak......" like non stop! Hahahaa. The performance will be held everyday at 6.00pm. If you manage to be here by that time go and watch this. Experience this performance for 1 hour.

At first phase when you start to watch this performance you'll feel slightly bored [for me..hahaha..] because I can't barely understand what are they trying to present to us.. Just keeping up with the "cak, cak, cak, kecak, kecak, kecak, kecak,....." thing !

Until thing "white monkey" appear! Hahahaa.. thing go up side down. This white monkey will climb up like non-stop and he will teasing all audience/ tourist that come to watch this performance. Some able to snap a selfie picture with him while the performance. hahahaa. DAMN! this "white monkey" so funny! Hewhewheww..

SEE! What I just told you. He passing by behind me while I'm wishing he will not teasing me! Hahahaa..

This when the part when the end is up! Starting some dangerous stunt so must be careful with your children so they don't follow this action because they are well-trained. It a real fire! 
Totally enjoy the show.  Actually there is a recap/story for this performance that I wish I could explain it to you but unfortunately I don't event understand it well..So...... Kahkahkahh! 

Able to watch sunset during that hour. Masya-Allah!

and we're done. Heading for dinner~~

Since, we request seafood for that night, Pak Ketut bring us here.
We having our dinner at Gekko Ocean Bali Fresh Grilled & Seafood.

The rice were served in this. Actually we having our dinner at the beach. The view was beautiful but I was so hungry and only think about the food plus I don't really in the mood after a long journey with a tons of "drama" Hahahaa.. So I just show you the meals that served for us that night.

On our dinner we get this.. Each person get one set. Overall 3.5/5.

Some entertainer come as to entertain us during our dinner, Of course with a tips! Nothing free nowadays. Hihihiii..

As our day are full, We're set and ready to go back to our hotel that night. Surely need a rest after a long way walking all day. Hahahaa.. Once I get back to the hotel, I able to update some picture on Instagram as there is the only wi-fi connection I can get. Hahhaa. Wait for another post soon. To many picture lahh. Wait yahhh ~~ 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)

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  1. salam har lame naw xjln sni byk entry dh siap cter bali ghupenyer! hehe jeles sgguh akk xtgk pn kecak dance tu again cehh hahha nape la nme Pak Ketut ye hehehehhe