Monday, March 23, 2015

Bali Travelogue: [DAY 2] Home Industry Batik Collection and Bali's Luwak Coffee


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
As for today update as you can see on the tittle, I want to continue about my Bali Travelogue entry. Sorry for telling this story too late. Hahaa. Dah basi dah cerita ni. Huhuhuu..SInce my new semester has begun now. NGEEE~ As for the second day activity in Bali is totally packed! So many things to visit and I was totally exhausted that day but fun at the same time. Eheeee...

That morning we're having our breakfast at the Hotel since it is included in the packages. Fefeling sikit breakfast next to the pool every morning. Hahaaa. I bumped with Malaysian Celebrity Chef, Chef Anis when I'm having my breakfast that morning. Wahhh, what a surprise for me. Actually, My cousin who the first notice her because he is really interested in cooking and I mention that I've meet her for several events previously. Of course I'm glad that she still remember me. Very nice of her. 

Say Hi to Afrina!
After breakfast we're ready for our jalan-jalan at Bali~~

First place that our tourist guide bring us is at Sari Amerta Batik Collection that located at Desa Batu Bulan, Bali. In here we can see a lot of batik craft specially custom made with batik design in Bali. We will see the local people at home industry batik and handicraft

*obviously pretending :P

We enter the market to shop a few batik stuff. In this shop no camera are allowed. I don't know why maybe they want to preserved their collection. Huhuhuu..

Soooo.. Kachinggg~
the morning session, the tourist guide bring us to two different batik store as for tourist to shop. They sell a good quality compare to the regular one that sell with cheaper price. So, during this time I manage to buy several things that I think it will worth to have as a gift and memory for myself. You can check out what I bought in my Bali Shopping Haul entry. Heheee..

For the afternoon session. We went to the mountain of Batur and visit beautiful lake and mount Batur panorama. This village name is Kintamani. The story behind the name on "Kintamani" is a combination of word "Cinta + Money" as explain by our tourist guide, Pak Ketut. Hahaaa. It is normally funny when we know about the history of certain place. 

Tasik Batur

Gunung Batur

We're having our lunch at Gong Dewata Restaurant that located at Kintamani Village. 

We're able to enjoy our lunch served with a beautiful view. But the food for my lunch that ime was not that good. Nothing much I can eat. Normally I'm not a picking kinda person but honest the food not that good. Hahaa. I not it is not nice to say something like that in front of rezeki but just want to let you know for real. Ni takde sorok-sorok nye. cerita based on what I've experience. Hahahaa. Thankful the view is amazing and the weather also nice. 

After lunch, Of course we don't want to miss a chance to posing with the beautiful background. Posing here, posing there..Selfie here, selfie there....Hahahaa.. Next, we find a place to perform our prayer. As for muslim, They provide a room for us to solat but since they not really Muslim themselves so the facilities was not good as at any prayer room in Malaysia. We have to understand about that part. Since their religious is different but still thankful because they still provide a space for us to solat. 

Then, we went for Luwak coffee. Hahahaaa..Before to start anything, I never heard of luwak coffee before since I'm not a fan of coffee. Hahaa.. Most of my family members heard about it and of course we're excited to see how this coffee we're made. What is so special about it anyway. If you are fan of coffee, you'll sure know about it ;)

Coffee berries
What do you understand about Luwak coffee? Let me just briefly explain what is exactly Luwak Coffee. Luwak Coffee is when the seeds of coffee berries been eaten by Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). The name is also used for marketing brewed coffee made from the beans.

Asian palm civet. macam musang lahh..


this is their "poo" that come with the coffee itself.
The process may improve coffee through two mechanisms that is selection and digestion. Selection is when civets choose to eat coffee berries container better beans. Meanwhile digestion may improve the flavor profile of the coffee beans that have been eaten. Simple words that I can say is that the civets will only eat the outer part or "cover" of the coffee berries and after that they will digest it and the coffee will come out with the waste from their digestion. taik dia lahhh kiranya. Hahahaa..

dengan berani nya offer diri nak pegang taik tu. Hahahaa.. orang lain semua lari. 

it is the time for us to taste the coffee. 

Well, they served us the common coffee that mixed with a lot of good flavor. 

As for Luwak Coffee we have to buy it. I don't really recall what is the price for one cup of Luwak Coffee. But it is expensive! I just realize how expensive is the coffee. 

Well, I'm not a coffee fan but I won't miss out to try the coffee myself. I don't know how to comment about it. All I can describe is that is it bitter. hahahhaa. Bad description ever~

Then, we go the shop to select a few coffee. lalalaaa~ 

My family members is super wired and noisy! Everybody have different habit and a lot of drama.But they are my family anyway. I love them no matter what. Hahahaa..

Budak tecik ni acah-acah superman terbang dari tangga nak dapat dukung. Nasib la pika sempat sambut. Aigoooo~

cannot stop with the picture. LOL~

And we're done. Now I know about Luwak Coffee. For those who never try go and try it. But it surely gonna be a bit expensive compare to the normal coffee. For Coffee die hard fan you should try it and give your opinion about the taste, I don't really know how to explain it well cause all I know about coffee is it is bitter! Kekekekeee. I think I will continue the part 2 for day 2 activities in Bali. 
If you have any question regarding to my trip do hesitate to ask. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this :)