Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Beauty: NIVEA Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum SPF33 PA+++


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
I'm currently at Melaka and I can say that the weather in here is unpredictable. It can be so damn hot and suddenly rain and vice versa. Mostly I can say that it is totally hot right now. Err~ As a student like me that always requires to do an outdoor activities it is important to take care of my skin. Skin tone and condition have always been a big concern for women. It is an endless battle for every women to look good and beautiful according to societal stereotypes. Hence, it is a common desire for Asian woman to have beautiful, fair and radiant skin. For me, my skin tone is a normal Malay skin tone. I'm not fair nor dark either. But I have a problem skin tone on my hand. My hand skin tone is sligtly darker than my body skin tone this is because I always "senseng" my blouse and shirt sleeves. It is an habit for me to do that but it is better for you to cover that up.

A few month ago I was introduced to NIVEA Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum SPF33 PA+++ . It is the first whitening body serum with "Broad Spectrum" protects you skin against UVA and UVB rays wide rage. I don't really acknowledged about this product previously because I normally know about lotion but I don't know they also come out with body serum. As  it is claimed that will gives 10x whitening effect to help repair accumulated dull & sun damaged skin for long lasting fairer skin in 14 days. Depending on your skin types and your daily activities as well. As for me, since I have a bad habit that always "senseng" my shirt sleeves so it may takes a few times longer. Kekekekekekeee..

What I can describes about this product that it is gentle on skin without causing skin thinning compare to other whitening products. This whitening serum absorbs fast and penetrates deeply into the skin layers to effectively lighten the skin tone and repair sun-damaged skin. It does not require re-application throughout the day and does not leave stickiness on the skin. I only apply once a day after my morning shower and I'm done. It is suitable for all skin type and dermatologically approved. New NIVEA Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum SPF 33 PA+++ is now available across all leading cahin hypermarket, supermarket and pharmacies stores in Malaysia. You can get at also at any selected pharmacy and the price is only RM19.90 for 180ml.

 This is me before I'm going to classes. I'm set and done apply the NIVEA Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum SPF33 PA+++. Hope that my skin will be protected from the direct sunlight. And also keep my skin smooth and nice.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)

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