Friday, April 10, 2015

Bali Travelogue: [DAY 2] Pura Tirtha Empul and Holy Spring


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Let's continue a journey with me. Hahahaa. I know another cerita dah basi. But I won't miss a chance to tell you a details on my Bali Travelogue. Wuuuhuuu~ This story is a continue journey from my previous post for Bali Travelogue. you can check out for more details HERE. So after done with our tour on the afternoon and done with our lunch we went to Pura Tirtha Empul. Another temple visit. Ahahahaa.. we spend so much time here until we miss out going to Ubud Market. Sobsss.. What so special in here is that this is where the Holy Spring are located. This is a must place visited by the tourist. 

Once you arrived you'll see this as the entrance mark.

and this is me.. hehehee..

some precaution you must take before enter this temple. 

and me again! Hahahaaa..
Once you'll enter this temple you'll be given this 'kain sarong' as to respect the temple outwear I guess. 

Here it is the Holy Spring~

what are you dong Afrina?

Pokok Bali di Bali~

ber"welfie" in the van. Hahahaaa.. everyone seem so tired. Yes, we are!

Because we did't manage to visit Ubud Market that evening so our tourist guide drop us out to this street as to see the Paddy Huma that be planted in Bali. 

Non-Stop selfiesssssss
We can see sunset amost everyday during our visit to Bali
After a long ride and we ready for dinner. For this second day we're having our dinner at Kemangi Restaurant. 

What is served for us that night. 

and I'm so hungyyy~~~

As I mention that a second day of or visit is quite tired for all of us. Since so many places to go and still have to skip visiting certain places. After the long journey we arrived at our hotel and have a nice sleep. re-charge our energy for tomorrow activities. Hahahaa. which I will story for another blogpost.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)

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  1. tak pernah smpai bali lagi. minum air bali slalu la.. cantik gak bali ni rupanya hehe