Thursday, December 26, 2013

Product Review: Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (Sunset)


Hello supremo..
I want to share my next eyeshadows palette that I bought from early this month..I was set my eyes for this eyeshadow long time ago and finally, I decide to have this eyeshadow palatte..My next eyeshadow palatte that I bought recently is Sleek i-Divine...Sleek i-Divine quite popular among the MakeupGeek and MakeupGurus..This Sleek i-Divine come with several different tones and shades for each palette...

Jang Janggg!!
This is My Sleek i-Divine Palette

I love the packaging and the cute box as well!
**but I prefer their old box packaging even more..which the "Sleek" caption was full and big..

This is how the palette looks like in the inside..
On my first sight, I saw the packaging for this palette is quite similar to MUA eyeshadow palette..
But Sleek i-Divine Palette much more compact & structured type compare to the MUA palette..Plus in this palette there is mirror at the lid cover and include with eyeshadow applicator..

the design and style of each palette might be different but I guess both are been manufactured at the same factory..huhuhuuu..

Focus on the shades
consist of 12 eyeshadows with different colors and shades..

The swatches for each eyeshadow colors!!

This is how I want to describe for each eyehsadow color:-

#1 - medium-dark black with satin finish
#2 - vibrant red with warm
#3 - warm, dulled copper with brown undertones 
#4 - an intense and bright tangerine orange 
#5 - medium yellow gold with frosted, metallic finish
#6 - brightened, light-medium blue with cool undertones
#7 - muted, dark burgundy-brown with warm
#8 - muted, coppery-red with warm undertones 
#9 - rich, rusty orange-brown with a golden shimmer-sheen finish
#10 - lightened copper with gold sparkle and shimmer
#11 - rose gold with frosted, metallic sheer
#12 - light-medium pink with warm yellow undertones and soft color

Thumbs Up for the awesome shades of this eyeshadows! Definitely My Top Pick...

My Reviews:-
1) the colours for each shades definetely my favorites!! AWHHHH
2) this eyeshadows are intensely and richly pigmented
3) it is easy to apply and blend beautifully with my skin tone
4) long-wearing.. can be last for eight to nine hours daily or even more depends on the situation
5) the color seem to be the same in the palette and on my skin - no primer needed!
6) the texture for this eyeshadow is very soft, dense and buttery like
7) the color were show the actual shades 
8) this eyeshadow definately shimmery for me but it is a soft shimmer
9) recommended this for all of makeupgeek and beginners..


Where to Buy:-
Colours Cosmetics Malaysia

Warm look by me..hehehe..

Overall, I really love this eyeshadow palette..go get yours now!! you can get it from different type..Mine I choose Sunset because I really love eyeshadow with warm and natural tones..This worth to have with the affordable price stated..well, I'm happy with my choice..yihaaaaaaaaaaa~~
Hope you like my review and find it helpful for you :)

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. Its so pigmented ! Love all the shades... xoxo

    The party dresses looks stunning !!! I love the red one so bold and seductive... xoxo

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  3. Love your review! Very pretty look too! xx