Thursday, November 28, 2013

Luau Party with Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project Malaysia


Hello Supremo!!!
Remember the Pick-Me-Entry I wrote (READ HERE) ..and I got invited!! Yeayyy..I love The Butterfly Project Malaysia..Thank you so much Mamasan and The Butterfly SWOT Team ;) ...Some people they don't really like to make an entry just to get the invitation but for me I don't mind at all because What we will get is Worth more!! Just Think positive..

So, now..I want to story about what happen that night?? are we Party like we're in Hawaii??? hehehee..
I arrived at The Vila Manja Spa just right on time..Just nice, came and register and we got out flower necklace...and warm welcoming by our Mamasan and The Butterfly SWOT Team..

I'm wearing the colorful seashells bracelet that I bought at Langkawi early this year..

and regarding my outfit that night.. I'm wearing Black Blouse and Peach Pleated Skirt since I cannot wear a Grass Skirt and Bikini..hahaaahaa..I got to keep it special for my future husband yawww and please don't you ever try to imagine me wearing emmm..hahahaa..

The Kinohimitsu Product!!
 This is the reasons why we all celebrating Luau Party~~

ohh yaaa....did I mention that we get a free massage from the Vila Manja Spa...fefeling great before the party starts :)

**picture credited to Kinohimitsu Facebook Page 

Host of the night..Mamasan Tammy and Kak Illy...

More details explanation about Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster from the expert~~
I find this very helpful with short explanation for us..this also will guide us for the Kinohimitsu Product Review later..I just can't wait to see the result..Hopefully My skin will be good, healthy and glowing~~

Then, we also have Games!! yawwww...
the butterflies are busy filling up waters and they all so energetic that night..

meet the Kinohimitsu user..they share their experience and testimony using Kinohimitsu Product...

The Guy drink Kinohimitsu Collagen Men and guess what, he got 6-pacs!! i also cannot believe it but he show the 6 pacs to us..woww...Kinohimitsu does helping him..and ofcos you need a regular exercise as well..Kinohimitsu Drink will help the process to build up your muscles..

The Girl, her name is Azalea she said she a model..she Drink Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink which help her protect her skin and make her skin more smooth, firm and the tones of her skin balance...she have a dark skin tone and when she drink Kinohimitsu her skin tone getting fair than, It does helps in improving skin tone as well..

Thank You so much for the information given...I just can't wait to see the result on my skin soon!
wink wink ^_^

after all session done, out tummy starts gambling & starving..then we go eat with the buffet food provide..the food was delicious!! and ofcoz tengah makan tak focus nak ambil gambar dah..terus ngapp! ngeheheee..

The Luau Cupcakes!!
sedappp ;)

group photo with the Butterflies~~

Now It is the time to redeem our card!

I start with Spin & Win..I got 1 bottle of Kinohimitsu Diamond Drink..hehehe..boleh laaa dari takde :P

Most Excited part as you can see the way I'm over-smiling is The Goodie bag..
I redeem the gift provided by Kinohimitsu..Thank You so much Kinohimitsu ;)

and Try out Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink!!

The taste really good..sedappppp~~
beauty drink yang sedap

not to forget, The Unlimited Photo from 123Cheese Photobooth..
I am totally crazy with the pictures that night..I go back with too many pictures..Happy!!
 The service was superbb..once our picture captured we can get the picture right on time..don't have to wait..Thumbs Up!! :)

Mamasan and The Butterfly SWOT Team! Big Thanks to them..
I really glad that I joined The Butterfly Project because they make my blogging life more fun..hehee.. 

and ofcoz, I captured some photos with the Butterflies~~~

They really nice and fun!! Nice to meet all of you....
ada yang dah lama kenal and ada yang baru..Meet new friends~~
Nice to Meet all of You!! and Till we meet Again :D

So, I decide to Hula-Hula Dance at the end~~~

glad that I've experience this kinda havock Party!!
I will do The Kinohimitsu Product testimony soon! wait for it.......

 I would like to give a great thank You to Kinohimitsu and ofcoz to The Butterfly Project Malaysia !!
I have a great night with happy face bring the Kinohimitsu Product back home..
Till then,

Thank You for reading this ^_^


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner


Hello Supremo!
How are you girls/guys now??
I'm just stressing with my study life sometimes I just simply ignore everything and online update my blog, blogwalking and watching RunningMan or movie on my can I be the best student if I keep going with this attitude..don't follow me please..teehee~~

Today, I want to review Maybelline product..I know you can BOOoo me if you want to cause it is too late for me to try this Maybelline Hypersharp Liner..I heard a lot of good respond about this eyeliner..especially when it is easy to apply..Let me review about this eyeliner and share my opinion about it.......

This is how the packaging looks like..
Thumbs Up for the yellow to gold color lid make me easier to find when it mixed with my others pencil liner.

Product Details:-
Product Name: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner
Code/Color: Black

This is how the tip of this eyeliner looks like..

the swatch for the eyeliner..

My Reviews:-
1) obviously it is really easy to apply on
2) the brush/tip of this eyeliner made out from nylon I guess, so it really easy to apply
3) the black color really dark and bold..Thumbs Up!!
4) This eyeliner long lasting up to 8 hours..but can easily remove..
5) easy to apply especially when I want to make eyecat or wing effect on my eyeline..
6) not showing any smudge or black mark effect for me..
7) I like when I can adjust the "thin and thick" style using this eyeliner


Where to buy:-
Watsons, Guardian or Maybelline Counter

This is me, ready to go to my classes..I'm wearing Maybelline Hypersharp Liner ;)

Overall, I really like this eyeliner..Satisfied with the results when apply it..can be use for daily..For me I definitely need eyeliner before I go to class or go out..make my face more enhance rather than my sleepy eye looks..hehehee...I guess, till here my review about this eyeliner..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know ;)

Thank You for reading this ^_^


Monday, November 25, 2013

Clean Your Makeup Brushes & Sponge


Hello Supremo!!
How do you frequently clean your makeup brushes and sponges??? For those who use Brushes and Sponges to apply your makeup daily for yourself you are advise to clean your makeup tools once a week!! remember germs everywhere..don't ask why your face easy to get pimples and so on..ecehhh..this is actually an advise for me as well..sometimes I also forget to wash them weekly..sometime I wash my brushes monthly..bad habit!! Don't follow please..Well, let's change.......

Today I want to share how to easily clean your makeup brushes and sponges..If you are interested please keep reading it...

Basically what you need before clean your brushes and sponges..
1) Glass / Container
2) Water
3) Detergent / Soap / Shampoo
4) Small Towel
5) Your Brushes and Sponges 

1) Fill a Water into Glass..half of the glass if possible..
I used glass as if for this because it is much clear to show in picture but normally I will clean it on the simple container which can fit all my if for demo, I will be using glasses so all of you can see it clearly ;)

2) Put your Detergent / Soap / Shampoo into the glass and mix it with need a little about of the detergent..
As for me, Since I already bought this Daiso Detergent I used this to clean my brushes and sponges..but you also can use soap and shampoo but I prefer you to use shampoo instead..but its up to you ;)

3) Sink all the brushes into the micture of water and detergent..leave it for about minimum 30-60 minutes.. 

same step for the sponge..but sponge are normally easy to float you need to press it a bit to makesure it sink in the water..

4) Leave all the brushes and sponges for about 30-60 minutes..then you rinse them with water...

5) Use the towel to remove the water excessive

6) Let The brushes and sponges to dry up


So, Let see the results........

At Night...The Brushes filled with makeup excessive

In the Morning...Clean Brushes!!


Simple it don't want your face will be effected by any germs when you apply your makeup..If possible do it for twice a week (kalau rajin lahh)..hehehee..This is obviously an advise for me as well..ngee :D

Thumb Up if you if you clean your makeup brushes and sponges weekly!! hehehee..
I hope you like my Beauty Tips..Well, remember to start clean up your makeup tools or your face will filled with germs~~ HAAAAAAAAAAA...If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know..Till then ;)

Thank You for reading this ^_^


Friday, November 22, 2013

WIW: Lily in Orange Sherbet


hello Supremo!!

I want to introduce my dress that I call Lily in Orange Sherbet..hehee..I bought this loveable Dress from SuriSara..I must honestly say from the bottom of my heart, their collections was Awesome!!! making me fall in love on the first sight..I love most and want all their collections please..They provide good product and service as well..I never been at their store yet but I will..In Shaa Allah..Wait for me SuriSara..heheheee..

This Lily Dress was designed to figure-accentuating..with the black side panels, this dress able to creates an illusion of sleekness with long soft puffed sleeve chiffon dress..The design that flare at bottom completes the feminine looks..this dress comes in soft shade of Orange Sherbet (also available in baby blue)..the size up to 6XL sizes..No sizes decrimination here..everyone deserved to be bold and beautiful..just simply 'sharpen' your confident, than you are beyond Fabulous and Gorgeous.. **cewahhh ayat~~ hihihii.. 

I match this dress with my black pants..and wearing a necklace from Vincci Accessories with the Stripe Scarf from Deeper n Harder..add up my YSL golden chain clutch..Finally, complete the look with my Transparent Wedges from YMS..
Satisfied enough for me :) What do you think? heeheeee...

***posing maut sikit..hihii..***

What I Wear:-
Oversized Shawl    |    Deeper n Harder
Lily Dress    |    SuriSara
Black Pants    |    Lee
Clutch with Golden Chain    |    YSL
Transparent Wedges    |    YMS
Layered Statement Necklace    |    Vincci Accessories
Bracelet    |    Vincci Accessories
Rossa Exclusive Watch    |    Sophie Paris

Thank You for reading this ^_^


Disclaimer:  This Dress and Outfit I bought it myself with my own pocket money Not-Sponsored by the Boutique I mention..Thank You :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

EH! Party with yang Anggun & Disenangi 2013


Hello Supremo!!

Remember about the last Giveaway I throw..the tickets to The EH! Party at Vertigo Club, The Gardens..
I was happy that I am able to join this party..but I'm quite sad because I noticed that some of the winners who win this tickets did't show up that night..making me a little bit disappointing..Sokeyh then, forget about it and let's move on~~

Let me story a bit about this EH! Party..this party were held to celebrate our Local Celebrities..which they get the gelaran yang Anggun (for girl) dan Disenangi (for guy)..20 local celebrities were selected but only 12 celebrities who able to attend that night..awhhhhh..not complete with 20 celebrities..maybe they have others things to do perhaps..just let it be~~

the theme was Chick & Stylish..I choose to wear Lily Dress from SuriSara that night..I guest this dress does have the Chick & Stylish sense..hehehe..OHHMYY! I super in love with this dress..will update more details Soon ;)

here my girlfriends on that night
you can see beautiful ladies all based on beauty blogger..feewitt..wait for me to get slim and skinny then I can join you girls..hehehee..
and my friend, Biah..who accompany me because she want to meet Anzalna Nasir..wahh..what a big Fan of Anzalna Nasir...hope she happy that night..dapat jumpa artis pujaan gitewww..

performance from Nabila AF2013
her voice amazing..she has a talent..keep it up nabilah..

truely yours with Nabilah and Kak Suzai

girls, what they do....actually, what we do...hihihiii..

then, we have a Fashion Show..
fashion show from the Sponsor for this event, Dressing Paula

a few collection of Dressing Paula..
impressed to hear that they have 8 store in Malaysia...

Linda On as the emcee for that night..she really good entertainer
she call out 3 hot guys..Johan Asaari, Anding, Izzat

There some contest for all audience that night, they have Dancing contest and the winner won a camera from Casio (one of the sponsor for this party) and contest makeup by the hot guy and the winner won Lancome Product (also a sponsor for this party)..Waaaahh!! Congratulation to all winners..

Now, It is the time to celebrate the Celebrities who yang Anggung & Disenangi....

Anzalna Nasir

Bella dely

Emma Maembong

Hanez Suraya


and ada banyak lagi yang tak sempat ambil gambar..hehhee

2 hero yang disenangi Arja Lee dan Johan Asaari

EH! choice yang Anggun & Disenangi 2013

and special appearance, Hot Chick, Miss Fazura..

with lovely girls..Sabrina Tajudin, Truely Yours, Sabby Prue, and Mieza ;)
this is my first time meeting Sabrina Tajudin..till we meet again dear..and this girls have to go back early due to tomorrow is a working/classes days..

with kak Rina Ellisa..we meet again kak Rina..

with my dear friend, Wiida.. Thank You for everything..
still having fun snap picures..this and that~~~

we meet again Awal Ashaari..
this time Kak Scha cannot go due to busy of works..

First time meet this gorgeous in person, Anzalna Nasir..really nice to meet you..
she try her best to entertain her fans..your fan will love you..In Shaa Allah..keep up with positive input..

every one screaming because of her..Beyond beautiful miss Emma Maembong..
she so pretty..also my first time meeting her..

with Kaka..well, she also good in entertained her fans..not so fussy and cool..
Nice to meet you Kakak, this is not the first time I'm meeting her..previously, I meet her at Femes Bazaar but din't manage to snap picture together that time..

J'dore her, Miss Hanez Suraya..she really good her..
till we meet again Hanez Suraya..she always make me wanna try Aurawhite product but till now, I still din't get a chance to try he Aurawhite product..maybe soon..hehehee..

with yang disenangi 2013, Arja Lee..
I must admit that he know how to interact with his fan and humble..his is how celebrities have to act!
admire his attitude and style..keep it up Arja Lee..!!

hello-hello Nas-T in the house...
this time we have to do a group photo due to lack of time..

another goup photo with My favorite Actor, she really funny and pretty..giler giler style and humble, Sharifah Sakinah..really nice to meet you ;)

Last group to Kak Suzai for this photo..because all picture in my camera shakes-shake and blur...

OK, enough..time to go home~~

Overall this party went well, we are entertained with the performance by the celebrities like Nabila AF2013, Kaka and Shila Hamzah..the are fashion show as well by dressing paula..and have a contest for the audiance..they win a big prize from the sponsors..**GOSHHH!! I wish I can win the Lancome Prizes..

but I'm a little bit disappointed because that night suppose the time for the Local Celebrity to mingle with their fan..but what happen is their fans still have to terkejer-kejer just to take a photo..hurmmm..and there a celebrity that sooo sombong and ignore her one can even take a photo with her.then, I guess she not a suitable to be a good celebrity..I hope you can change laa..You are nothing without your fans..*ayat lepas geram~~ but still, there a good celebrity still interact with their fans eventho they need to go back early..Thank You for appreciating your fans! this is just my opinion and they should improve in future..
May Allah bless us all :)

Thank You for reading this ^_^