Thursday, October 31, 2013

EH! Magazine Party with 20 yang anggun & disenangi 2013 + GIVEAWAY Party Tickets for my readers!!


Hello Supremo!

Do you know that EH! Magazine will held a Party call "EH! 20 Yang Anggun & Disnangi 2013 Parti" ..This Party will be held at Vertigo Club, Gardens Mall on 13th Npvember 2013..This is the 14th party for EH! Magazine..
There will be 20 Local Celebrities will be joining this party like Anzalna Nasir, Emma Maembong, Hanez Suraya nad Zainal, Tasha Shila, Tomok, Yana Samsudin, Aeril Zafrel. Aiman Hakim, Arja Lee, Bella Dally, Beto Kusyairy, Kaka, Nelydia Senrose, Qi Razali, Sara Ali, Shah Iskandar, Sherry Ibrahim, Wan Sharmila and many more.....
Fefeeling excited to meet the local celebrities in person..How are they in person??? Let's find out....hehheeee...

The reason for this Party is special for all EH! Magazine readers to mingle with the local celebrities..
On that night there will be a performance, fashion shows by the sponsors Dressing Paula and Casio and many more...This is the time for you to catch and mingle out with your favourite Local Celebrity, snap some photo or more and directly speak with them..

How to join the Party???
It is simple and easy as 1 2 3 or A B C..hehehee..
you can get the ticket at selected counter for only RM15 + Drink (such a reasonable price)..Bring along your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, or siblings/cousin or even your mom and dad to enjoy and having fun for one night...
Let's snap more photo and enjoy the moment ;)

Where you can Buy The Ticket???

You can get TICKETS starting on 1st October until 10th November 2013.

• Blu Inc Media (10pg – 5 ptg, Isnin – Jumaat)

• Selected MPH bookstore branches; - MPH Alpha Angle

- MPH Alamanda

- MPH Midvalley
- MPH One Utama
- MPH Subang Parade
- MPH Shah Alam City Centre (SACC Mall)
- MPH Giant Stadium Shah Alam
- MPH PKNS Bangi

• Dressingpaula boutiques  (Lembah Klang):

- dressingpaula PAVILION

- dressingpaula SETIA CITY MALL
- dressingpaula SUNWAY PYRAMID

The first 200 early birds with tickets who arrive at the party will receive a goodies bag each! Say What!! Be early then..

Let's The Party Begins~~~~



Here some GOOD NEWS for all My Beloved Readers and Friends..

I will be giving out 5 passes/tickets for free to my readers..
another GIVEAWAY I guess..hehheee..

How you able to WIN This Ticket??

simply leave a comment on the comment box below 

to many question?? It just that I want to know do you really excited to join this party..hehehee..
and I will randomly select The Lucky Winner..the more excited you are, the more high chance to win..hihii..
make sure that you are Free at that night and able to join this party..
If NOT your ticket will be given to someone else..heheheee.. (gelak jahat)


** I will Announce The Lucky Winners on 8 November 2013 **


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Monday, October 28, 2013

WIW: Blouse D'yana Delia in Turquoise & Purple


Hello Supremo,
colour-blocking and bright colour really tempting and always make me feel soo joyful yet delicates
I bought this Blouse from D'yana Boutique that is Blouse D'yana Delia..The simple blouse from D'yana is suitable for a smart look when worn with pants and for casual occasions too.. Using colour-blocking its colour  is contrasted with the colour of its collar and the border of its fronts and cuffs..It is also suitable to pair up with maxi skirt (straight/mermaid cutting) gonna help you to look more gorgeous and feminine ..hehee..

Because of the cutting for this blouse is narrow at the waist and wide at the hip area..It is suitable for everyone especially for those who in plus size..this cutting going to make you look more tall and slim..There is some tricks I share with you girlss..hehhee...the colour that I choose is Turquoise with purple at collar, front border and cuffs..This blouse also available in all sizes from 38 to 48 size.. yeayy me!!..and the Price is RM79 only..
Grab yours now at or you just can drop off at their boutique at Wangsa Melawati..

Wide Shawl  | TheHijabsQueen
D'yana Delia Blouse  | D'yana Boutique
Chiffon Maxi Skirt  | bought at The Curve
Shopper Handbag  | Brands Outlet
Studded Sandals  |  Forever21
Bracelet  | Vincci Accessories
Rossa Exclusive Watch  | Sophie Paris

p/s: If  any inquiries or sponsors for review your Product & Boutique do email me via

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

SEPHORA Sunway Pyramid Grand Opening


Hello Supremo!!
I know that everyone knows (especially the makeup junkie) that SEPHORA has opened their New Store at Sunway Pyramid!!!!
I bet everyone has been to Sunway Pyramid and it is among the focus location for shopping..

Sephora is full with value beauty, driven by the demands of bold, excellence, energy and freedom..It represents a contemporary concept that heightens the desire to live and dream about beauty everyday!!
Sephora bringing The Anthology of the best world's best brand to your fingertips..and known for discovering creative brands, highlighting trends..Sephora is an experience total freedom to walk-in, feel, dream, experiment and leave without feeling obliged to make you purchase..All product are authentic and original and its come with beauty..

Last Friday (18 Oct 2013), I was invited to go to Sephora Sunway Pyramid Grand Opening which only opened to those who got the invitation only (its VIP shopping time)..Thank You to my favorite sista Kak partner in crime..hehhee
I uploaded a few (or more) picture on my Instagram..
 now I will story more about this Sephora Sunway Pyramid Opening..

we were waiting for The Runway to go to the Sephora New Store..
The longest Runway ever...start from the main entrance to the Sephora Store
meanwhile we were entertained by a few performance and fashion show..

we were escorted by this beautiful ladies with the beautiful outfit (costume) they wearing..
This beautiful ladies all using makeup sponsored by Sephora..

and the Sephora staff welcoming us very friendly with their dancing

Let's check out the Sephora Sunway Pyramid Store...

the main entrance to Sephora Store..

I bet you can't close your eyes (especially to makeup junkie) and you wish you can have them all in your bad room or maybe you wish to have your own makeup/beauty room!!heheheee..

after explore the store now Shopping time...
we were given RM100 Sephora Voucher that night and we have to spend the voucher only for one night since it is valid only for the special night..I was like jumping jumping on my own..eventho I can't really Jumping with my heels (5inch) on..cause I can't barely stand on those heels for an hours..HAHAHAA..

what I choose to buy with this Gift Voucher was Lipstick, Eyeshadow and Pencil Liner from Sephora..

with Kak Suzai..
Thank You akak, siap sempat balik rumah akak ambil purse lagi..huhuhuu..

The cashier counter..

with one of the Sephora staff..all staff were so happening and friendly..they will guide us and show us some product according to our desire and types that suitable for our skin..rather than that, they also show us the most Best Selling product on Sephora..Now I know what I should really buy..heheheheee..

we back with Sephora gift and our shopping stuff at Sephora..
OMAGOD!! I'm sooo jealous with Kak Suzai because she get the gift worth RM2000 !!! but than, I'm still happy back home with my goodies that is Sephora Vanity Box!! yihaaa~~

Thank You to Sher for this invitation..and thank You to Kak Suzai as well!!
They really make my night go blinggg~~ hehehee..

So, what are you waiting for......
Sephora is NOW Opening at Sunway Pyramid

you can leisurely go there and grabs your favourite makeup, skincare, and body care product at Sephora NOW!!!

for more info and updates you can check out
Official SEPHORA MALAYSIA Facebook Page

or you can directly go to their website

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Shooting Telemovie "Kisah Sebenar Bibah" for TV9


Hello Supremo!
This is my very first experience to acting..means acting for a Telemovie..
well, I'm not the lead actor obviously..hahhaaa..I'm just additional actor..ehhhh..lalu-lalang je..xde skip pown..ngee...
Thank You to Kak Asyik and Abg Gorgioo (The Izas Couple) to invite us blogger to join this really great experience..

Telemovie Kisah Sebenarnya Bibah is from Kasih Picture Production..
The lead actors for this Telemovie is Siti Salehah, Pekin Ibrahim and Tengku Nurhanis..This is among the good actors in Malaysia..Glad we had a chance to meet them in person..

Kasih Picture's Team..

some briefing for us..
the summary for Telemovie Kisah Sebenar Bibah
what is the story all about..what roles the actors play and others..

All the blogger were focus listening to the briefs and excited to play some roles..hehehee..

and "ACTION !!!"

see, Kak Asyik play some roles as well, 
I think she play a lot of roles..hehehehee...nampak banyak la muka kak asyik nanti dalam cerita ni..

some candid moment 

Now Its my turn..with Blogger Eazy Izzudin peminat tegar warna kuning
just simply walked pass through and acting like we're having some conversation..heheehee..

I was walked pass though Siti Saleha tu jewww..heheee..
some silent action I guess..hehehee..

After shooting one scene we blogger also want to shoot as well!! picture cannot be misssed
and This place so beautiful..with those colourful umbrellas as a roof ..
I just saw this on Wallpaper but  never though that this place existed in Malaysia..SO,It does! SEE!!

after another shooting..we will do the same..hahahaa....
Bro Bro~~~

Malaysia Actor Pekin Ibrahim play as hero in this movie..
Pekin really friendly and humble in person..

Malaysian Actor Siti Saleha
she play as heroin in this movie and her character is basically we know this story is about her because of The Telemovie title..heheheee..she very cute and talented actress..

Among the blogger who can join for Shooting

Kak Asyik Izas, Fana Chek Saat, Truly Yours, Deq Noor, and Zura (she is talent for this telemovie)

Syafiq Johari, Abg Gorgio Izas, Broframestone, Eazy Izzudin, Syukri Tahir

Honestly, I'm glad to know them in person..They all friendly and talkative..selalu je nak sakat-sakat orang ni..hehehee..Add Up my Blogger Friends..yeaaa..Hope we can meet again sooner or later..and please "say Hi" to me if we ever bump together ehh..since I don't have clear eye sight and vision(budak rabun..tiannn..)..hahhahahaaa..

Thank You for this experience and moment ;)

Don't Forget to watch Telemovie "Kisah Sebenar Bibah" this December 2013 on TV9 !!
we might appear on that Telemovie..or just our back view perhaps..heheheheee.. (still appear what...huhuuu)

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Product Review: Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge


Hello Supremo!!
Who know DAISO?? Put your hand up!!!! 
I bet everyone know Daiso right! shop that sale everything worth RM5..
I went to Daiso at Publika and I bought this ohhsemmmmm Daiso Product that is Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge..Basically it is a detergent for clean makeup brushes and sponges..I find it very interesting to buy since I don't really have Detergent or Soap that suitable to clean up makeup brushes..usually I just simple use my shampoo..hahaa..and the brush pun jadi wangi..ngehehheee..but now I have this Detergent that can help me to clean my makeup brushes and sponges..

This is how the packaging looks like! just in a simple hard plastic bottle..the attaction I guess because it is pink label..hehehee..gegirlsssss...but be careful in choosing the product cause you might confuse this Detergent for Puff and Sponge with another Detergent for stains on cloth..So please read the Product label before you simple choose the product..but if you wrongly picked up you still can buy another one since this Product not that expansive to get..

 Product Details:
Product Name: Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge
Nett: 80ml
Product Code: 124
Made in: Japan

the liquid is a saturated type of liquid compared to water It seem like a real detergent you always use to wash your cloth but this one is to wash your mekeup brushed and sponges..

This is who its looks like when your makeup brushes was immerse in this solution..the Transparent water turns to Colored Water since the impurities are simple removed ..just leave it about 20-30 minute of time you'll find that you brush clean as possible..

My Review:
1) effectively remove impurities on makeup brushes and sponges
2) the efficiency about 90% of the impurities are removed
3) use for about a few drop is enough to remove impurities which save your pocket money
4) instead used makeup remover, use this detergent save your time bu simply immerse your brushed in it and rinse
5) the time taken for the impurities to remove takes about 20-30 minutes..meanwhile you can do other things 
6) easy going with the skin and sponges..
7) this is Fragrance-free and contain no pigment in this liquid
8) I find that this detergent suitable for synthetic and hair makeup brushes as well..


Where to Buy:-

Overall, this Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge are worth to buy! effectively removed impurities on Brushes and Sponges..and the method to use also simple and save time..
Thumbs Up if you find my review are helpful to you its either to buy this product or not..If there is any comment or suggestion please let me know so I can improve it..

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Churp Out 2013 at Setia City Mall


for those who follow me on Intsagram for sure uolss already know that I manage to go to #ChurpOut2013 !!! jyeahhhh...!!! This time Churp Out 2013 were held at Setia City favourite place for lepakss if rajin laa..heeee..

A lot of activities were held during that time..Unfortunately We did't get a chance to play all games since we came around 6 pm due to Shooting for Telemovie ..(belakon ke??? I will tell you letter on..will update new entry..) some how I'm still happy laa eventho that time raining..alhamdulillah, during we arrive there the rain stop..wink wink ^_^

the crowd was massive..

Hai Cik Fana..still bergaya okeh walupun rumput tu basah..fana pun yakin jalan dengan kasut calaman dia..heheee...pretty!!

posing to show how excited I am..heeeeee...

During this event a lot food stall as well!!
specially for The FOOD LOVER!!! (like me!!!)

Niko Niko Onigiri booth..

I was attracted to this booth because of Siwon Oppa!! 
SO, I was wondering what is My Oppa doing there that time..hurmmm 
*wondering and wondering..

and I get the answer..The booth that have so many crowds.....
KyoChan !!! NEW Korean Chick(en) in town with Super Junior's stamp!!
Now I know what My Oppa doing there..sokeyh, he just do his job..ngeheheheee...

Let's try this out..since this is my first time trying this..

Spotted My Siwon Oppa!!! sarangheooo..hehehee..
The Original flavour was delicious and the Spicy Flavour still delicious but Its to HOT..
since I'm not a fan of Spicy Foods.hehehee..
the price for one box is RM10 for 6pcs of chicken and you can choose you flavour..

Then, there are UMBRELLASSS..
This is for "The Hunger Game: Catching Fire" but I donno how this game works..huhuuhuuu..

not just that.....

All Fashionistas are unite at ChurpOut2013 market..
a lot of Online Boutique and piece from Fashion Icon were there..

and I finally had a chance meet Hanis Zalikha..
I was really hoping that I can meet Keknis at ChurpOut..jumpaa jugakkk..she looks like a barbie doll..

still use all the energy I have to go for another round to make ourself more satisfied..hehehe

the special game and most watch is #ChurpBungee !!

RedMummy ready to fly~~~

and I meet Mek Onie and her friend..
Semestinya Mek Onie tidak ketinggalan kalau event-event best macam ni kan..Nice to Meet You Mek Onie.. Till we meet again yahh!! ;)

Thank You Fana..wink wink ^_^


and I meet Darren!! Can't barely recognize him because his face got sunburn lorhh..
but Darren you still look handsome! hehehee..

Sitting like a boss in the middle of outdoor park Setia City Mall..
Thanks to this comfy doof pillow..hehehee..

okeyh, Tak nak bangun..hehehee..

and There is Giant Bubble as well..
You can play it and pay RM2 get one stick and 1 scoop of soap liquid

this is the step to play with this bubble..

and Jyeahhh!! I made it ;)
its Play time...bubbles everywhere~~~~

Churp Out 2013 was AMAZING!!
thanks to two love birds behind me for accompany me and enjoy our time together~~~
feeling excited..

But still I didn't manage to meet all my blogger friends that time..but ramai yang upload photo dorang at Churp Out on Instagram, Twitter and facebook..maybe I was too late..ngeeheee.

I can't wait for Churp Out 2014 next year!!! 
Than You Churp2 !!

Thank you for reading this ^_^