Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hot Spring Spa Lost World of Tambun


Olla Supremo!
Let's continue with my story to Lost World of Tambun....
An Awesome trip with The Butterflies~~ .
I guess this is the Part 3 for this can find and read Part 1 and Part 2..

at Lost world of Tambun, you can go to Hot Spring & Spa at the night..bila siang korang boleh main permainan yang ada dekat Lost World of Tambun tu and bila malam jom berhibur dekat HotSpring & Spa pulak..

Thank you The Butterfly Project for this awesome Trip!

Dinner are served
we, having a great dinner! the food really delicious taw!! pika bertambah-tambah..buat muka tebal..nak nak ada BBQ pulak and ada lamb which is my favorite so, I eat like a caveman! HAHAHAHA..

Head Massage 
malam itu special untuk kami semua sebab dapat merasa urutan secara percuma..weeheee...
You can see me so into with the massage given..

 Fortune Taller 
khas untuk kami..disebabkan ramai yang beratur time tu tak sempat pika nak cuba..
well, I know in Islam we cannot do this but then, just don't 100% believe it..okay ;)

Cristal Spa..
boleh buat urutan badan..

Dalam Cristal Spa tu ada special room and private ofcoz..
but the room are very, makesure you booked first..

Crystal Pool
Feeling like charlies angle at Cristal Pool with Anis Athia and MiraCikcit..

Foot Spa! just need to walk...


You need to walk on top of this small rock! Yaikkkk...I can't really walk on top of this..or I can say I can't barely stand on this...but this is actually good for your blood should try it!!

I can't really walk..please!!! Hahahahhaaa...

Top of The World (Jacuzzi)

This is how its looks like..
Jacuzzi, so it is a liltle bit warm than other pools..i guess the temperature is 45ยบ if I'm not mistaken..
Mula mula nak masuk tu nak letak kaki pun takut sebab panas..but bila dah lama lama tu sedap pulak and selesa je...

Pika and Kak Sabbyprue berjaya masuk dalam Jacuzzi ni..wink wink..
MiraCikcit and Anis Athia ?? They too tried and dehydrate..

Infinity Pool

Okay, since this one not to warm..everyone can enjoy it!
*ehh, abang yang jaga pool ni pun nak posing gak dekat belakang tu..HAHAHAA..

And there's a cave where you feel like enter a sauna room but it is in a cave..I can barely breath in there but it is soo cool! You can feel you skin soo flawless after that..amazing..
and Thank You Kak Sabbyprue sebab teman kan pika yang sangat beriya-iya nak masuk dalam cave tu walaupun kak Sabby dan masuk banyak kali..time nak masuk cave tu siap kira sampai 20..pastu cepat cepat keluar..bukan apa taku tak boleh nak nafas..hehhee..

Flawless habis dah la ni..wekkk :P
*muntah darah jappp..Hihihii..

We really enjoy our night at Hot Spring & Spa Lost World od Tambun!

Kalau dah datang dekat Lost World of Tambun ni..korang wajib try HotSpirng & Spa ni taw!
korang booked bilik dekat Hotel Lost World of Tambun lepas tu waktu malam korang boleh pergi Hot Spring & Spa ni!! 

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. wah bestnya..teringin nak pergi.
    Apa apa pun salam kenal sudi2 follow zila..=)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. best sangat!! Pergi la nanti..
      okay dear, In Shaa Allah

  2. wah bestnya,teringin nak pergi. Apa apa pon salam kenal sudi2 follow zila=)

  3. Pika.. Nak guna gamba pika.. Nanti akak credit pika! :)

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