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Lombok Travelogue: [DAY Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep, Senaru Waterfall, Lombok | Part 2

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I'm back again to continue my Lombok Travelogue ! Wuuhuu~ 
Starting from here la most of my picture are gone! (wanna know why read HERE) Mostly picture form my go-pro are gone. The only picture I have is the one that I manage to transfer to my phone. Other than that mostly gone. SOBSSS!

Anyway, I still going to share with you about this journey because this is one of my favorite spot at Lombok. Weeeeheee~ After the Ghost Villa, we went to Senaru Waterfall, It takes about 2 hour ++ drive from the Singgigi. I'm practically enjoying the view on half an hour like that, then I fall a sleep along the way until we reach at the location. Hahahaa.. (recharged tenaga la konon) Because I read you need some energy to go to the Senaru Waterfall and trust me you really do. Hahahaa. Senaru Waterfall also included in our must-go-place at Lombok. 

 Senaru Waterfall 

Here our local guide to the Senaru Waterfall. 
Well, I read about some people say that you don't have to hire a local guide to enter this place because sometime is might be a scam. You can simply pay the entrance fee and go by yourself. But our supir introduce us to one local guide . At first I'm in doubt but after we discuss we agree to get a local guide. And we're all sooooo satisfied with the service! He is indeed help us a lot! we don't feel like we're being cheat or scam. He take a good photo and video of us. He basically carry most of our stuff (which is berat giloss) and he guide us to the right path in the Sanaru Waterfall. He also tell some story about the place which we find it amusing. Hehehee. He also remind us every time that if we need any help just let him know. He will do it for you. OMG sampai kitaorg yang rasa serba salah. Heeee~ 

Basically the entrance fee to enter the Senaru Waterfall only RP 10,000 (Visitors are charged higher rate than Indonesian residents). We pay the local guide + entrance about RP40,000/pax. I know you can tell the different amount there but since we really satisfied with the service he provide and we feel like it is worth to pay him that much.  

At Senaru Waterfall they have 2 stop where you can easily access which is Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep. This is two stage where you can enjoy the view of waterfall and also nature style. 

Sendang Gile 

This is how the Sendang Gile waterfall looks like. Well, I don't see any people are mandi-manda over here but most people enjoy waterfall and take some photo. This barely the first stage of the waterfall. When I arrived at the location I also like. is this place for real sebab macam biasa je and the only special is the waterfall. Hahhaaa..

Pardon my bare-face here. hahahaa.
And we continue the journey to the next stage of waterfall which is Tiu Kelep. It is not an easy walk guys, you have to do like some jungle tracking over here and when I mean by jungle tracking it is not that extreme. Still bare-able because I'm wearing slipper (the good grip one) along the journey. If you have the good grip slipper do wear them. Makesure not the slippery one haa.. if not confirm you guys jatuh tergolek. Hehehee..

The location is not that mystery but for tourist like us I think it is a bit mystery and difficult too. because you have to prepare yourself to walk through a river and more stairs and up and down road. Even my friend's slipper tercabut ikut air mengalir and he(the local guide) is the one who grab the slipper. I'm actually thankful that day because other people claimed that the get an arrogant and annoying guide and they feel like they get scam by them and what so ever.

Tiu Kelep

This is what I mean when I say that I choose this place as my favorite spot!!!! In real life it look more beautiful and Subahannalah CANTIKK! The first thing I like is our local guide take a good photo of us and during the time we arrive at the spot tak ramai sangat orang and we basically conquer the place ! 

I feel so calm and relaxing at the place. The water is so cold and fresh. I don't see any pollution sign here. To be honest I don't have the word to describe about the place. I'm just loving it. The struggle and fatigue to come to Tiu Kelep is worth for us. The water is emerald blue color and the waterfall is spectacular. I feel like I need to repeat this trip again because of this waterfall. Hehehee.. We spend about 30 minutes or more to enjoy our time there~

Actually, there's more photos but only this that I manage to get. The rest are R.I.P. Sobss~

On our way down, the guide show us a shortcut where you can go through a tunnel. The tunnel is filled in water (almost paras peha) and if you're someone who like to experience something new and not afraid of the dark I recommend you to try it. To be honest, I'm afraid of the dark but I manage to overcome it because I was thinking of the fun and I'm not willing to jungle tracking again. Muahahahhahaa.. sadly I don't have the photo in the tunnel because it is gone. Thanks to the crash computer RAM. Hmmmmmmm.. It is only in my mind and memory~

Well, I guess I share quite a lot in this entry. I will continue share a story on our next activity at Lombok. Nest will be Gili Trawangan....Stay tune. Weehee~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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