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A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept Black Set | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

A:Concept is a cosmetic brand from Korea. They pretty well-known at Korea because it features an unique and trendy cosmetics. The one that I want to share is their A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set. It comes in a box where you get 4 A:concept products in it. 

This is how the A;Concept Makeup Your Concept Black Set Looks like. The box comes in a black and fancy packaging which I think quite interesting. 

When you open the box you can see the product and some instruction in Korean Language. Huhuuu~

In the box you get  All-in one Brightening A:CUSHION + All-in-one Brithening A:CUSHION Refile + Everything in A:RED Lip & Cheek + Everything in A:CORAL Lip & Cheek

I will explain about each product and my personal opinion about it. 

 All-in one Brightening A:CUSHION Compact + Refill 

This is how the packaging of All-in one Brightening A:Cushion Compact with the refill. As you can see from the picture, the design of this cushion foundation quite unique and stylish. The reason that the design of All-in one Brightening A:CUSHION is like that because you can insert either A:Concept concealer or lip/cheek pen into it. Nice right! This is 2-in-1 travel friendly beauty kit. The All-in one Brightening A:CUSHION itself have 15ml and same goes to the refill have about 15ml.

As usual, like any other Cushion Foundation from Korea, this All-in one Brightening A:Cushion compact also have two shade 21 (light Beige) and 23 (Natural Beige). I choose 23 (Natural Beige) as it suitable for my skin tone even more.

When you open the case it looks like this. I has mirror in it and puff like how cushion foundation looks like but in different design. The main focus of All-in one Brightening A:Cushion Compact is whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection. Not to forget the lipstick !

The instruction how to insert the Lip/ cheek or concealer stick

I think that this more suitable for those who have normal to dry skin compare to oily-combination skin. Because I have that love-hate relationship with this. Sometime, if I stay indoor this cushion foundation will stay nicely but if I have to stay outdoor this is definitely not-to-go for me as I sweating a lot and my skin tends to get oily easily plus the humid weather in Malaysia doesn't help! Heee~ . 

Coverage/Texture: In term of coverage, I can say that it has light to medium coverage which suitable for those who looking for a daily foundation to use but not for those who looking for high coverage. The texture is light and hydrating. Does not cakey on me. 

Color/Shade: The color suits my skin tone well. Because I normally will choose code 23 Medium Beige for cushion foundation somehow I also notice that it gives a brighten effect to it. If you like a brighten effect you might wanna give this a try. 

This is how the puff looks like.
For me, I use it more for touch-up (after solat or wash my face) because I didn't bring my moisturizer along with me and this kinda help. And the travel friendly packaging is a plus :)

I hope you understand what I mean by love-hate-relationship here. Hehehee.. 

Did you know that Taeyeon from Girl's Generation (popular Korean Singer) shares her makeup secret using A:Concept all-in-one brightening cushion compact ! Wuuu~

Everything in A:CORAL Lip & Cheek + A:RED Lip & Cheek 

In this box you'll also received 2 different color of lipstick which is Coral and Red. This not only for your lips but also can be use for your cheek as a blusher! Wuuhuuu~ I really like multi-purpose product. The name for each product is Everything in A:RED Lip & Cheek and Everything in A:CORAL Lip & Cheek

This is how it looks like. More like a stick and small too. I find it cute tho~

You can see the color code.

Swatches for the A:CORAL Lip & Cheek and A:RED Lip & Cheek

After using it couple of time I think I kinda like it. Not only it has beautiful color it also have good texture. I can say that the texture more like satin finish which good for lip and cheek. I'm happy because both color compliment my skin tone very well. When you apply this on your cheek it is easy to blends and look like settle finish. Not too powdery nor creamy. In term of lasting, I must say that the red color last more than coral color. But both have nice texture. I have nothing bad to say about this for now. I also like the idea of thic lipstick can be insert in the A:Cushion Compact. Very convenient.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

 A:CORAL look 



A: Coral Look with A:Concept

You definately can create a daily look using this A:Coral where it make you look sweet and natural finish. I like how the A:Coral looks on my lip. The color make my lip bigger and fuller. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
 A:RED look 



A:RED Look with A:Concept 

A bold yet I also find this look will be stunning for daily look as well. It somehow show the confident in you. I truely love the red color on my lip and it last pretty well to. 

So makesure you guys check out this awesome box from A:CONCEPT.

Price: RM106 (NP: RM212)

Till then, xoxo

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