Thursday, October 26, 2017

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl – Black | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Who love blends their foundation or concealer using beauty sponge you better read this until the end.
Cause you might find a new beauty sponge that you gonna love !

Recently Breena Beauty has launched their new Beauty Sponge in a new color. They called it Breena Beauty Blending Pearl. The moment I get my hands on it I fall in love right away! Awhhh~ I love how soft and pluffy the beauty sponge is..

 Breena Beauty is a local brand made in Malaysia that founded in 2014 and the founder is a friend of mine, Sabrina Tajudin, one of Malaysia's Beauty Blogger as well. I'm happy for her makeup brand. Breena Beauty offer a selection of makeup products at affordable price with high quality products. If you're makeup obsession you have to keep update with them.

This is how Breena Beauty Blending Pearl in BLACK looks like. The previous one, they have Blending Pearl in pink color and I’m going review is the new color which is black. Everyone are going crazy over this new Blending Pearl in black This blending pearl is a soft latex-free beauty sponge which means that don’t used latex in this beauty sponge. It is so soft either you use it when dry or wet. 

The design/ shape of this Blending Pearl is quite unique

It has pointed tip which is good for certain area that is hard to reach like under eyes and nose area and it is also spot correcting. It has the curved size where it is soft and bouncy at the time. The flat surface is for more high-coverage finish and power “baking” application. Basically the blending pearl can be use every angle. I especially love the flat surface and the pointed tip part! 

This is the comparison look when it is dry and wet

When I say wet it does not mean the beauty sponge has to be fully wet like you can see the water drop. You need to squeeze out the excess water from the blending pearl before you use it. The Blending Pearl will expand in size and become much more softer when it is damp. It also can be used when it is dry or semi dry for face powder application..

Here some short video showing how I used this Breena Blending Pearl. 

Use dap-dap motion where you can bounce and rolling motion. Best method to use for foundation, concealer, cream contour and even even powder makeup. 

Let me give you an idea how this blending pearl works, it is practically the same as the original Beauty Blender. But for me, I find that Breena Blending Pearl is much more soft when dry compare to when its wet. But both are soft when its wet ! Breena Blending Pearl also soft and pluffy enough for me to use. I used this almost everyday. I love how soft and bouncy it is  that allows natural and airbrushed finishing. The unique shape of this sponge also make my makeup routine even easier.  In term of price wise it is also affordable compare to any other beauty sponge that available in market. Totally worth with the product. I know everyone have their own personal preference. You can judge based on your preference. To be frank,  for me it is enough that I get this Breena Blending Pearl and I can save money from buy a beauty sponge worth almost hundred. Heee~

Price: RM35 only!
 *They ship worldwide 

I personally love this. Suitable for beginners and even professional makeup-artist. I hope you find my review helpful for you. 

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