Friday, October 20, 2017

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - #20 Sand and #25 Medium | review

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Oh yeahhh! FInally, I decided to share my opinion/review about this popular Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. This concealer is popular because most of beauty gurus claims that this is the dupe for NARS Concealer and you save a lot of money with this concealer. So I decided to purchase it as well. I purchase this though overseas website where by that time this concealer still not in Malaysia market. But now they are available in Malaysia you can easily access to get it.

I purchase 2 shades because I was not sure which one will suitable for my skin tone. Because in overseas website they have various selection of colors/shades. But here in Malaysia, Maybelline only  come-out with 3 shades only (#10 Light, #20 Sand, #35 Deep) . I think they choose what colors/shades that mostly suitable for Malaysian's skin tone. I think~

I choose code #20 Sand and #25 Medium

Maybelline claims that Fit Me Concealer will give a natural coverage for zero flaws and blemishes. This is also an oil-free concealer which will suitable for all skin type. They have variosu shades as I mention earlier to matches every skin tones. What catch my attention the most is when they claim that this concealer will give natural coverage.

This is how the packaging looks like. I really like how the packaging is. It is comes in a plastic-tube kinda packaging and it also slim in size where it will not use so much space and easy to be carry-with (travel friendly). It's makeup that doesn't mess with you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. (This is what they claim on their website). The concealer also is safe to use because it Dermatologist tested, Ophthalmologist tested, Non-comedogenic and Fragrance-free. Means it will gentle to the skin. 

The reason I decide to make review for both of this concealer is that I wanted to show you guys on how the concealer shades will turns out and the different between this two shades. 

Another best thing I find about this concealer is the applicator. So easy to used and help the application easier. On the picture above you can see the different shades of this 2 code.

Here the swatches for 2 shades 

#20 Sand : Still in medium category but slightly light medium. 

#25 Medium: Suitable for medium skin tone which mostly Malaysian skin tone have (I guess)

Simply dots the concealer on your dark circle and blemishes. Then pat with finger/sponge to blend

Coverage: The coverage is good. I can say in between Medium to High coverage. It is buildable according to your preferences. I normally will love medium coverage for daily purpose. If I need to wear full-face makeup they I go for high coverage. 

Texture: The texture of this concealer is lightweight. You'll feels like you have nothing on your face. I', quite impress on that too. Because It is really hard to get a good coverage concealer with lightweight formulation. Easy to blends and feels like skin.

I fall in-LOVE with this concealer!! It is worth of rave. It does what it claims. The coverage of this concealer seem natural and not cakey at all. Easy to blend and cover my dark circle and blemishes very well. It suitable for my combination-oily skin type and stay on longer than I expected. Love how it naturally cover my dark circle and blemishes. After 5-6 month of trial this concealer I find that #25 Medium suit my skin tone the best. The #20 sand is still okay on my skin tone but it is slightly lighter whereas #25 Medium the shade is almost exactly like my skin tone color. Unfortunately, #25 Medium still not available in Malaysian's market yet. Hopefully they will bring more shades soon. 

Price: RM29+-
Availability: Watsons, Guardian or any Maybelline counter/online-site

I'm actually forgot how much I purchase this because it's been a long time but consider the price in Malaysia also seem affordable. I recommend this concealer to all either you're begineers or professional. You'll love the finishing of this concealer. I hope you find my review helpful !

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  1. I shall check this out ! But 25 is not available in msia ? :(

    1. yes you should. But You fair, I think code #10 should be suitable and match your skin tone.. No need for #25. Hehee..

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    1. Warna lipstick? Alaa.. sy tak pakai lipstickk tuu. Tu bibir sy. Heee~