Thursday, October 19, 2017

Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Did you know you should apply/wear sunscreen on your skin everyday??
I know most of people here in Malaysia may not take this seriously but it is important to take care of your skin. Always ensure that you apply sunscreen before you go out especailly to the place where you get to expose yourself yo sunlight. No matter you're men, women and children you need sunscreen as protection to your skin. 

Introduce Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence. A sunscreen at the same time it also contain essence for skin hydration. It is an innovative Sun Essence where it sun care and basic skin care at the same time. 

This is how the packaging looks like. I comes in white bottle with silver lid to it.

Apply sunscreen will help to protect your skin from direct UV rays. Somehow it helps to decrease the chances for sunburn and can prevent skin cancer or malignant melanoma. Direct sunlight also will cause premature age to the skin where it leads to wrinkles, discoloration, pigmentation, dry and leathery. 

It comes with SPF 50+ / PA+++

Just for those who confuse what is SFP really? It is stand for a Sun Protection Factor. This is where it tells how much the product will protect your skin from UBV.  The higher the SPF number, the greater the amount of protection. Glad that Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence have high in SPF. 

It come in a liquid-essence kinda feels. With one small squeeze is good enough to apply to my face. It feels like water when apply to the skin.

Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence are made using 30 ocean extracts, 45 plant extracts and deep sea water with 61% moisture (72hours). No Paraben, Artificial pigment, mineral oil, Benzophenone, Talc, Benzyl Alcohol, and Sulfate.

The main reason I like Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence as sunscreen because the ingredient in it does not occur irritation to my skin. I always apply sunscreen in the morning after moisturizer and I really like the texture of this sunscreen, it is more like an essence-feels. The texture of this is light/water-feel where it is easily absorb onto the skin. Other than that, it also come with SPF 50++ which is good enough to protect our skin within 2-3 hours from direct sunlight. No sticky feeling or weird scent to it.

Price: RM58 (NP: RM115)
Availability: Althea Kr.

If you're looking for sunscreen that also give hydration to your skin you can try Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence yahh. I can guarantee that you'll love it :)

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